What is Space Tourism?: Little-Known Facts About This New Way of Travel

What is Space Tourism?: Little-Known Facts About This New Way of Travel

When it comes time for that long-awaited vacation, why not the occasional work trip, there are endless places in the world to visit.

Astronaut in space. Photo: Freepik

It doesn’t matter if it’s alone, with family or friends, it’s always there Discover a new place or revisit another place that amazed us For many reasons.

true, When planning a trip, there are many factors to consider.For example, if the chosen destination can be reached by land, water or air, if there is an opportunity to use cheap tickets, if special documents such as a passport or visa are required, tourist attractions, must-haves, customs, stories and traditions, the language of the place and, why, gastronomy, related to others. Sees everything.

Space.  Photo: Unsplash. Space. Photo: Unsplash.

But it is also true that over time, with the numerous search tools that have come closer due to technological advancement, travel enthusiasts are searching. Exotic places to enjoy unforgettable days. Whether these are rarely visited lands, either because of the landscapes or because of the experience of such travel, what is now sought after. Let yourself be carried away by the feelings, emotions and intentions that the journey awakens.

For this reason, in the present age, it is not strange to hear one often spoken of Extensive tourism. This possibility, unthinkable until recently, is being considered by various companies to achieve the platform of “space tourism operators”. Needless to say, this is not an easy one because, for example, there are a series of requirements that must be met. Previous training and good healthamong others.

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Earth.  Photo: Unsplash.

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What is space tourism?

Traveling to space is the wildest fantasy of many, not just travel fans One of the greatest dreams of explorers in history.

Space tourism is a type of tourism Travelers go beyond Earth’s atmosphere purely for recreational purposes. Currently, a division can be made between these types of tourism depending on the length of the trip and the distance traveled.

The first lucky ones who were able to travel into space did so in the 21st century and the journey lasted only a few seconds because the main objective of the travelers was to Enjoy amazing views of Earth and experience 0 gravity.

In recent times, many companies have started differently Plans to make trips beyond the atmosphere. In fact, some space tourists have spent a few days aboard the International Space Station.

Even if the strange and exotic nature of travel seems unattainable Cheaper routesIt’s really completely subjective because it’s a A very unique, unforgettable experience that cannot be repeated Generally walkable to other locations. For those who are passionate about space and travel, there really can’t be a better proposition and it’s impossible to compare this experience for money.

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Myths and facts about space

Space exploration is, without a doubt, one of mankind’s greatest achievements, but it is also true that over time, many myths have been established about what this type of visit means.

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Not wearing a suit means instant death.

As a result of the sun’s unfiltered radiation, many believe. If you go into space without proper clothing, the person who does so will burn immediately. This theory is a half-truth, because if a person were to go into space wearing the same clothes they wear every day, The body freezes and collapses completely.

It is for this reason that the suits used by astronauts are subjected to extensive tests to determine whether they are suitable and safe for this type of journey.

Do you smell something in space?

It may seem like a strange question, but NASA astronauts have taken it upon themselves to say that when they take off their clothes, they can still smell the scent that lingers after being exposed to space. The smell is like gunpowder or burnt meat.

The theory most consistent with these sayings is based on fact This smell is not typical of space, but how it works on board. Because there is no pressure or gravity, all the gases and substances found on the walls of the vessel are slowly released.

There is no sound beyond the atmosphere

One of the most popular beliefs suggests that There is no sound in spaceThis is incorrect. There is sound, what is not is a medium through which it can propagate. That is, on Earth, air allows sound waves to reach the ears, but in space there is no air and, consequently, no channel to carry that sound.

Tuesday, a goal for China.  Photo: Unsplash.

Some advantages and disadvantages of space tourism

One of the main advantages of space tourism is that people can access exploration beyond the atmosphere, and it also provides an opportunity. Develop new technologies, increase investments and reduce costsFor example.

Currently, there are many companies in the middle of production Space-capable aircraft and spacecraft capable of returning to Earth. In fact, some of them ensure cheap tickets so that only the lucky few can enjoy this experience.

Unfortunately, space tourism has some drawbacks Emission of pollutant gases from aircraft engines and leaving their production a Large carbon footprint It affects the ozone layer and contributes to certain phenomena such as acid rain or the greenhouse effect.

If space tourism is to be managed as an accessible part of the global community, substantial space infrastructure must be considered and even space settlements so that people can stay for a period of time. Space citizens are thought very positively, something completely unthinkable today.

While the context is appropriate, reality dictates that hard work must be done to establish clear standards Travel to spaceMany questions may arise when this topic comes up and it will become true sooner or later.

Space is the last frontier and with the continuous advancement of technology, humans are getting closer to crossing it and expanding their presence outside the Earth, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the world and become a new achievement.


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