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Colombia and Bolivia will face a new challenge before kick-off . The two teams meet this Saturday, June 15 for a FIFA international friendly at Rentchler Field., which is located in East Hartford, Connecticut (USA). I know you are interested in watching this pledge live and live, on this note I am letting you know the country wise timings to watch the match from the opening whistle.

The ‘Coffee’ team is enjoying a good footballing moment. In addition to playing well, he also wins, and he can even do it in a landslide. Precisely, in their last friendly match, they defeated USA 5-1. Now, against Bolivia, they hope to continue their winning streak. Will you make it? Note that the team led by Antônio Carlos Zago also wants to reach the continental competition after a victory that allows them to dream big.

What time to watch against Colombia? Does Bolivia live in Mexico?

In Mexico, you can watch the match between Colombia and Bolivia from 3:00 PM in La Paz and 3:00 PM.

What time to watch against Colombia? Bolivia Live in America?

If you want to watch Colombia vs. Bolivia Live and you are in the USA, the game starts at 4:00 PM in Washington DC, 2:00 PM in Denver. 00 pm in Los Angeles.

At what time Colombia vs. Does Bolivia live in different countries of the world?

  • Spain: 23:00
  • Germany: 23:00
  • Austria: 23:00
  • France: 11 p.m
  • Portugal: 22:00
  • England: 22:00
  • Italy: 23:00
  • Colombia: 16:00
  • Bolivia: 17:00
  • Argentina: 18:00
  • Brazil (Brasilia): 18:00
  • Uruguay: 18:00
  • Chile (Santiago): 17:00
  • Ecuador: 16:00
  • Paraguay: 17:00
  • Peru: 16:00
  • Venezuela: 17:00
  • Costa Rica: 3 p.m
  • Guatemala: 15:00
  • El Salvador: 15:00
  • Nicaragua: 15:00
  • Honduras: 15:00
  • Panama: 16:00
  • Puerto Rico: 17:00
  • Dominican Republic: 17:00
  • Canada: 17:00
  • Cuba: 17:00
  • Haiti: 17:00
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Colombia vs Bolivia in an international match in America. (Video: @FCFSeleccionCol).


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