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I started when I was 15 or 16. Getting introduced to the most important show on Peruvian television is not an easy task. I feel lucky and deeply grateful. This was an inspiration to later create programs for children”, she commented, satisfied.

Maria Pia Copello and Talina Almendra Komalski.  (Photos: TV presenter's personal archive)

Maria Pia Copello and Talina Almendra Komalski. (Photos: TV presenter’s personal archive)

Her sister, Ana Karina, was already shining as Ticolina in the popular Panamericana television space, when María Pia asked her mother to take her to Cindelas casting.

The show became very popular and I wanted to be a part of it. My mother contacted producer Gabriela Quirolo, who is known for her good eye and honesty. She asked me to take her for an evaluation, but made it clear that if it didn’t work, she wouldn’t accept me. The day I went, he stopped me and asked me back. He then suggested that I rehearse with dance teachers Antoine and Anabel Elias. It was already on air in two weeks”, he commented.

Also, she says that when she first appeared on television dancing, her mother was more nervous than she was, and she was unaware of her artistic gifts until that moment. “The artist is my sister; She sang, played musical instruments and danced. I, on the other hand, was embarrassed.“, remember.

The early 90s were a difficult time for Peru, which faced an economic recession and an intense fight against terrorism. Initially led by Dalinas Monica Santa Maria and Almendra Gomelski, the children’s program became a haven of peace and tranquility for the audience, especially the little ones.

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People forget their problems and isolate themselves from everything by watching the show. Their songs were very mature and sophisticated for that time. Children were spoken to in more coherent speech”, he points out.

Copello Hora was in the program for two years (1993 to 1995). Since then he fondly recalls his travels in and out of the country and his closeness with the public and his fans.

Those were very intense years that marked not only my life but an era. We visited many countries. While Dalinas’ fans were mainly children, we Sindelas attracted a much younger audience. They wrote us letters and sent us flowers. I met a Venezuelan boy who was a fan; I think he loved me. When he arrived in Lima, I welcomed him into my home and my mother treated him as a son. We were friends but lost touch after a few years“, he recalled.

Maria Pia Cobello.  (Photos: TV presenter's personal archive)

Maria Pia Cobello. (Photos: TV presenter’s personal archive)

A year before “Nubeluz” ended in Peru and began a new season abroad, Maria Pia left to focus on new children’s projects. Promoting Dalina was not in his plan.

Maria Pia Cobello and Colombian Dalina Xiomara Sibylle.  (Photos: TV presenter's personal archive)

Maria Pia Cobello and Colombian Dalina Xiomara Sibylle. (Photos: TV presenter’s personal archive)

I left because I felt that ‘Nubeluz’ had changed a bit; He lived through his best period, and what followed seemed to repeat itself. I already wanted to do other things. It’s part of my personality; The same thing happened with ‘Maria Pia y Dimoteo’ and ‘Esto es Guevara’, either because of a family problem or because they wanted to experience something new. I always had the courage to put an end to it at some point”, he insists.

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Trying to be Dalina seemed out of my reach. I loved the songs, musical instruments, dances and messages so I wanted to run my own children’s show. I pitched two projects to different channels but they didn’t work out. It’s not time. Then ‘Carina and Timodio’ emerged, where they called me, which later became ‘Maria pia Timodio’.“, remember.

This July 20, eight years later, the Dalinas, Colmodis and Cindelas, commanded by the enigmatic Cloufo, will once again ascend the famous cloud to give life to a farewell performance. This final farewell comes with an important artistic, scenic, technical and special effects display. More than 500 meters of screens and several catwalks will bring the protagonists of this story closer to their audience. The nostalgic event will be at the San Marcos Stadium.

This reunion will be a very special one for me because I have never been to a reunion before. Whenever they called me, it crossed paths with other projects or trips I had. But as this invitation came early, he did not fail to say goodbye. In fact, it reconnects with the public and with songs that represent a very important era”, he insists.


Nubelus, Farewell

Date: July 20

Venue: San Marcos Stadium.

Tickets for Nubeluz’s farewell show are on sale Teleticket.

Nubelus, Farewell

Drivers "Nubelous" They met again.  (Video: Instagram Almond Gomelsky)
The hosts of “Nubeluz” met again. (Video: Instagram Almond Gomelsky)


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