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Universitario visits Goiás at the Estadio da Serrinha this Tuesday, May 23, for the fourth matchday of Copa Sudamericana Group G. Check all the details here.

Universitario vs Goias meet in Goias at the Estadio da Serinha. | Libero composition

Universitario vs Goiás live and via live ESPN Y Star Plus, agreed in a meeting this Tuesday, May 23 from 5:00 pm Peruvian time. This commitment is overwhelming for both teams at the Haile Binheiro Stadium (Goiania) in connection with the fourth date of Group G of the 2023 South American Cup.

Universitario vs Goiás: Latest live coverage of the match

Jose Rivera: “The whole team is fit”

“The whole team can contribute, that’s the most beautiful thing,” remarked the Universitario de Deportes’ attacker about the upcoming match against Goyas.

Goyas prepare to play against Universitario

Goyas are preparing for the 2023 Copa Sudamericana match against Universitario de Deportes.

Alex Valera is how his new celebration was born

“In the goal celebration with Emanuel Herrera, who we had already trained with, we looked very simply to celebrate without doing anything special, but now we already have a goal celebration,” said the Universitario attacker.

The student does his first internship in Brazil

The Universitario de Deportes player squad held its first training session on Brazilian soil ahead of the Copa Sudamericana clash.

The university highlights the support of his fans

Cream Club used its social networks to highlight the support of its fans who traveled with the team to Brazil.

Riveros out of a possible eleven against Goyas

“We don’t know yet, the team has not been called off. The player has rested and recovered today, so we don’t know anything,” he commented. Williams RiverosGuardian of the cream box.

Universitario: Remaining matches in Copa Sudamericana


  • Goyas – University / May 23
  • Santa Fe – University / June 8
  • University – Gymnastics / June 28

Group G positions

Group G is as follows:

  1. University: 7 points
  2. Goyas: 5 points
  3. Santa Fe: 4 points
  4. Gymnastics: 0 points

Alto Corso warned Goyas: “We’re going to see the end”

“The proposal of this game will be looked at by the teacher. We are going to go out and see the result. We must gather and go with all our confidence. Thank God we are well and we must continue,” said the Universitario defender.

Alex Valera ahead of fight against Goyas: “We’re all very motivated”

“This is an important match for us. We are all very motivated and need to take it forward in the best possible way,” noted the attacker from the Crema team.

University results in the era of George Fossati

There were results

  • University 2-0 Cienciano
  • Binational 1-2 Univ
  • College 3-1 ADT
  • University 3-0 Science
  • Deportivo Carcilazo 0-0 Univ
  • Gymnastics and Fencing 0-1 Univ
  • Varsity 2-1 athletic grade
  • Municipal Sports 1-2 Univ
  • University 2-2 Goiás
  • University 2-0 Game Crystal
  • Sport Boys 0-3 Universitario
  • University 2-0 Independence Santa Fe
  • Alianza Atlético 3-1 Univ
  • University 4-0 Cesar Vallejo.

Jorge Fossati exemplifies fan support

“The fans are more empathetic with the team every day, and that creates more and more feelings of wanting to return the love and respect they give us,” said Cream’s team coach.

Piero Quispe on the fight against Goiás: “We go with all enthusiasm”

“We are going with all illusions. I’m feeling better and little by little I’m going to recover. Those were tough weeks for me”, the Merengue midfielder highlighted.

Martín Pérez Guedes: “We will try to have a great tournament in Brazil”

“We are in good shape, confident and in the mood to play a good game in Brazil now. We will do everything possible to get a good result against Goiás,” Perez Guedes said before heading to the Brazilian side.

Alex Valera: “We’re going out with a winning mindset”

“It’s an important match and we’re going to go out with a winning mentality and do everything possible,” said the Crema striker ahead of the clash against Goyas.

Alfonso Fargo spoke about competition in midfield

“Murrugarra and Rodrigo know the competition within the team and that makes the team stronger. We are very good friends and we fight for a good ‘ball’ position,” declared the midfielder.

Alex Valera: “The team is very good”

“The team is very good, we are doing well. We are already adapting well to the ‘Teacher’ program, which is reflected on the field, and we hope this will continue”, the striker highlighted.

How was the first game vs Universitario? Goyas?

Goyas visited the monumental Universitario for Day 2 of the Copa Sudamericana. The Meringues managed a dramatic 2-2 draw in the final minutes of the clash.

Luis Urrudi on Brazil’s intentions

“We will always give our best, we will look for the three points but we will try not to lose it,” said Luis Urrudi regarding the away match against Goyas.

Jose Rivera: “The team is very good, we go with all expectations”

“With all the options, the team is very good and we go with all the expectations. Where are we going to play our game”, he pointed out before leaving for Brazil.

Universitario vs Goiás: Latest News

Universitario vs. Copa Sudamericana Welcome to coverage of the Goiás tournament. All information is live via Líbero.

Goiás vs. University: Party Card

broken Goiás vs. University
When do they play? Tuesday, May 23
what is the time? 5.00 pm
Where? Haile Pinheiro Stadium (Goiania)
On which channel? ESPN Y Star Plus.

Goiás vs. University: Previous

University It will put aside Liga 1 and focus on the Copa Sudamericana, where it will look to retain top spot in Group G to ensure its qualification to the next round of the continental competition.

Jorge Fossati’s Uruguayan side come in inspired by a landslide (4-0) defeat of Cesar Vallejo at the Monumental Stadium to address the discomfort of a controversial match against Alianza Atlético in Sullana.

The ‘U’ team is clamoring to retain its leadership, however, they cannot have an easy rival because Goyas The ‘Merengues’ will try to put three points in contention to wrest a more comfortable spot in the table.

On the latest day of the local tournament, Fossati had to face the game with four fewer players. The good news is that he has his entire team, including Alto Corso, Rodrigo Urena, Williams Riveros and Nelson Cabanilas, ready for the fight in Brazil.

In this way, Universitario will take to the field of the Haile Pinheiro Stadium with the usual formation (1-3-5-2), with forwards Herrera and Valera forming the front. Piero Guispe and Luis Urrutti could stay on the substitutes’ bench.

On the other side of the coin, Brazil drew 1-1 with Bahia in the Brasileiro and their record of last 5 matches is two defeats, two wins and one draw.

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It should be remembered that in the first leg at the monumental U Marathon Stadium, Universitario drew 2-2 in the last minutes. Who will get the three points?

University vs. Goiás: Possible alignments

Jorge Fossatti’s possible eleven: Jose Carvalho, Alto Corso, Matias de Benedetto, Williams Riveros, Nelson Cabanelas, Andy Polo, Rodrigo Urena, Horacio Calcaterra, Martin Perez Gutes, Alex Valera and Emmanuel Herrera.

Possible once from Emerson Avila: Maguinho, Lucas Halder, Bruno Melo, Sander, Zé Ricardo, Everton Morelli, Julian Palacios, Vinicius, DeGuinho. Finally, and Matheus Peixoto.

When will Universitario vs Goias play?

The match between Universitario vs Goiás will take place this Tuesday, May 23 at 5:00 PM Peruvian, Colombian and Ecuadorian time.

What time does Universitario vs Goias play?

He University Party vs Goyas It will be played from 5:00pm onwards, check the timetable guide to find out what time to watch abroad.

  • Peru: 5.00 pm
  • Mexico: 4:00 p.m
  • Columbia: 5:00 p.m
  • Ecuador: 5:00 p.m
  • Venezuela: 6:00 p.m
  • Bolivia: 6.00 pm
  • Paradise: 7.00 am
  • Chile: 7:00 p.m
  • Argentina: 7:00 p.m
  • Uruguay: 7:00 p.m
  • Brazil: 7:00 p.m
  • Spain: 12:00 am (Wednesday 24).

Which channel is broadcasting Universitario vs Goias?

exchange University Party vs Goyas On television it will be in charge of ESPN and Star Plus, which owns the Copa Sudamericana rights.

  • Argentina: ESPN3 Argentina, Star+
  • Bolivia: Star+, ESPN2, ESPN
  • Brazil: ESPN, GUIGO, NOW NET and Claro, Star+
  • Canada: beIN Sports Connect Canada
  • Chile: ESPN2 Chile, Star+
  • Colombia: ESPN2, Star+
  • Costa Rica: Star+
  • Ecuador: ESPN2, Star+
  • International: Bet365
  • Israel: Game 4
  • Italy: Mola TV
  • Mexico: Star+
  • Panama: Star+
  • Paraguay: ESPN, Star+, ESPN2
  • Peru: ESPN2, Star+, ESPN
  • United States: Bean Sports Connect
  • Uruguay: ESPN, Star+, ESPN2
  • Venezuela: Star+, ESPN2.

Goias vs Universitario betting tip

A betting house Goyas A tie University
Petson 1.95 3.40 3.75
bet365 2.00 p.m 3.40 3.80
1xBet 1.96 3.44 3.90
DoradoBet 2.05 3.40 3.75
Incabet 2.00 p.m 3.40 4.00 p.m

University 2023

  • Ends 4: Goiás vs. Universitario – 05/23 (5:00pm) – Haile Pinheiro Stadium
  • Date 5: Santa Fe vs. University – 06/08 (9:00pm) – El Camp Stadium
  • Date 6: University Vs. Gymnastics – 06/28 (9:00pm) – Monument Arena.

Goiás vs Universitario: Where they play

The match between Universitario vs Goiás will be played at Hailé Pinheiro Stadium (Goiania) in Brazil, where Goiás is home. The stadium has a capacity of 14,450 spectators.

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