Where can you vote in Ecuador for the 2023 early elections? | Check CNE connection | Answers

with the date of 2023 elections in Ecuador Coming soon, citizens are eager to exercise their right to vote and contribute to the country’s democratic process. To facilitate this important task, the National Electoral Council (CNE) has implemented a series of options so that voters can find out where to vote on this important day. In this post, we will share different ways to find out where to vote.

  • It will be voted on in the Popular Consultation 2023 in Ecuador this Sunday, August 20

Where to vote in Ecuador 2023 elections? Find your polling station here

Ecuador’s National Electoral Council has made several options available for voters to consult at their polling station. By one of them , voters can enter their ID number and date of birth in the specified format. Once their identity is verified, they will receive detailed information about their polling station, even if they are designated as polling booth members.

Other available alternatives include the Telegram platform, which offers the ability to access relevant data, as well as the official mobile app. Additionally, a telephone line of 023-815-841 has been set up to answer questions and queries.

What do you know about dry law in 2023 elections?

Ecuador’s electoral law includes various regulations that citizens must comply with, including the widely known provision of dry law, which restricts the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Section 123 of the Constitution prohibits both supply and consumption of the said liquor 36 hours before and 12 hours after polling day. That means the restriction is activated on Friday 18th August at 12:00pm.

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Likewise, Article 299 of the same Regulation states that violators of the Dry Law Act will face an economic sanction equal to 50% of the Consolidated Basic Salary (SBU), which will be $225 in current 2023. This penalty also applies. Voters entering polling centers under the influence of alcohol.

It is important to highlight that the National Electoral Council exercises the power to impose sanctions in case of non-compliance with this regulation.

Enforcement of the restrictions falls to the National Police. If the presence of a person who is intoxicated or engaged in the distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages is verified, a summons will be issued. Police Agent. The latter will be used to prepare a report, which will be sent to the relevant electoral authorities.

Then, within three days, the citizen must submit his summons with evidence justifying his conduct. If security is not followed, the Provincial Director of Elections may impose an economic sanction of $225.

When and why will early elections be held in Ecuador in 2023?

In a move that surprised more than 13 million Ecuadorians, President Guillermo Lasso announced the advance of elections for executive and legislative officials, dubbed the “death of the cross.” This change in the election calendar, which was implemented on May 17, prompts the selection process to be held at the national level next Sunday, August 20. During the time window from 07:00 to 17:00, citizens must exercise their right to vote by presenting their identity card or passport.

This ultra-democratic event means voters will choose one of eight presidential candidates, all previously qualified by the National Electoral Council. Also, 137 assembly seats will be decided. However, the results are not limited to political positions, as the process will also include a national popular consultation to determine the viability of oil exploitation in Block 43 of the Yasuní ITT. Likewise, in the metropolitan district of Quito, a local consultation will be held to assess the fate of the Chocó Andino.

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A special feature of this electoral process is the participation of Ecuadorians residing abroad who are registered in the electoral roll. For them, the process is exclusively telematic, reflecting an adaptation to the technological needs of the times.

More information on Ecuador 2023 elections

Ecuador will go to the polls this Sunday to replace conservative Guillermo Lasso with a new president, adding to the shift to leftism and progressivism that other Latin American countries have already seen.

Unable to carry out his mandate in the National Assembly (Parliament), which was due to end in 2025, Lasso decided to cut short his mandate and leave power frustrated that he could not create a vision. The country he planned was all about legal scaffolding to attract investment.

And the outgoing president’s strategy, a banker in trade, was geared towards neoliberal policies that clashed with opposition from social groups, especially indigenous peoples, and a brake on the opposition-dominated National Assembly.

Eight candidates have registered for the presidency following Lasso, two of whom could lead the process to reverse the neoliberal strategy and turn to the left.

They are candidate Luisa Gonzalez of the progressive movement Revolución Ciudadana led by former President Rafael Correa (2007-2017) and leftist and environmentalist Yaku Pérez from the “Claro que se puede” coalition of leftist groups. Tribal organizations, unions, teachers and environmentalists are coming together.

Other candidates from the center to the right open the possibility that the changes will be more moderate and that Ecuador will maintain a consistent streak over the past six years.

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Businessmen Xavier Hervás (RETO) and Daniel Noboa (ADN), former Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner (Actuemos), security expert Jan Topic (Pais Sin Miedo), independent lawyer Bolívar Armíjos (Amigo) and journalist Cristian Zurita (Bild).

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