Where is the economic circle?

This week Catalonia has turned into the American town of Punxsutawny, where Phil the groundhog lives in the movie. Groundhog Day. A pro-independence majority in Parliament has raised the price of investment Pedro Sanchez And demands, amnesty for politicians with cases opened by the events of 2017, a new self-determination referendum. On this occasion, it was agreed that “the solution of the political conflict between Catalonia and the Spanish state goes through political and democratic means, and is reaffirmed in the defense of the exercise of the right to self-determination”. A document approved by the ERC and the Junts – the CUP has already been voted on in October 2017 and has positioned them to assume that there is no need to go back to the referendum.

Separatism has lost both votes and mobilization power, but it holds the key to Pedro Sánchez’s investment and has decided to play its cards. severity. Even something as radical as the resolutions approved last Friday in Parliament.

Before 23 J, Catalan politics was in a state of flux. The deficiencies in the administration of the Pere Aragonese group were so newsworthy that he even raised a government crisis to get the oxygen he needed to address the second part of his mandate. And he has been the target of criticism from the Catalan business community for his silence at the current turn of political activity in Catalonia.

It wasn’t always like this. In June 2021, it should be remembered that then-Pres Economic circle, Javier Faz called for the need to pardon jailed separatist leaders to “explore a solution to divert the political conflict between Catalonia and Spain.” The demand was bold at the time, it raised dust and caused the Catalan business lobby to set the agenda.

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Two years later and with James Guardiola In the presidency, the Círculo de Economía does not exist or is expected to exist. It is pointed out that the present House is unwilling even to enter into a deep discussion on the occasion of granting amnesty to the Independents. It is already known that there are all kinds of opinions on fundamentals. They’ve always been there, but it’s never been a problem until now Comment Note.

Save swimming and clothes This is the specialty of the Catalan business community. But his insistence on keeping a low profile brings him close to irrelevance and opens up the big question: Does an institution like the Círculo de Economiaa make sense if it’s not to be disturbed at its peak?

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