Who are the disastrous kittens from Paw Patrol? There’s a whole chapter for cute villains


Like good heroes, Patrol for yourself He must have his own enemies, and they are Disaster cats Patrol for yourself.

Paw Patrol Disaster Cats are a group of small cats whose owner is clumsy Alcalde HumdingerOne who takes them everywhere with a carrier.

These kittens have A chapter Dedicated to them, where they are seen following the orders of the mayor, who orders them to destroy a jukebox to play their favorite music.

We can also see that no matter how much they love their owner, they don’t always agree with his strange plans.

Paw Patrol Disaster Cats

Paw Patrol Disaster Cats (Nickelodeon)

Who are the disastrous kittens from Paw Patrol?

Something interesting Disaster cats Patrol for yourself They are actually cat breeds Patrol for yourself.

Disaster Cats of the Paw Patrol They have the same colorsSkills and even costumes of rider and company puppy friends.

Actually, cats They don’t even have a name Therefore, they are only identified as the “feline” version of dogs.

In that regard, Paw Patrol’s disaster cats include:

  • Marshall the kitten
  • Kadito ruins
  • Kitten Chase
  • Kadito Rocky
  • Kadido Juma
  • Ski cooking

Interestingly, even though the PAW Patrol has new members, the Disaster Cats remain the same.

Paw Patrol Disaster Cats

Paw Patrol Disaster Cats (Nickelodeon)

Where to watch Paw Patrol’s Disaster Kitty episode?

As is the case with the entire animated series, the episode of Paw Patrol Disaster Cats can be found at Paramount+.

You can also watch an episode of Paw Patrol’s Disaster Cats Pluto TVAlthough you have to be lucky here, you don’t get to choose as the episodes happen consecutively.

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If you don’t have Paramount+ right now and don’t want to wait for it to happen on Pluto TV, here’s the official Nick Jr. in Spanish. Watch it on the channel Network light.

Better yet, we save you time and trouble by giving you the full episode of Paw Patrol Cats Disaster right here.


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