Who is Tomas Molina, the Argentinian striker who will be offered to Sporting Cristal?

Who is Tomas Molina, the Argentinian striker who will be offered to Sporting Cristal?

Argentine forward Tomás Molina, who has been at Juarez for the past six months, will play at Sporting Crystal until the end of 2022.

Gunner Tomás Molina will be presented to the Sporting Crystal. Would you wear sky blue? | Photo: FC Juárez / Libero combination

Sporting Cristal know they need to bring in top-level reinforcements to show their best in the Clausura competition. One of them could be a sniper Thomas Molina From Juárez FC, who has shown that he has the skills needed to become the new ‘9’ of Beer’s team.

The 28-year-old Argentine attacker will be one of the candidates to reach the Reims club for the 2023 season. At the end of last year, the player was investigated by the Bajo Pontino team, but negotiations for his transfer did not take place. Materialization.

Photo: FC Juarez

Since his arrival at FC Juarez, Molina has made 13 official appearances. With this, the footballer excelled with 4 key goals and was vital for the team to get off the bottom of the table.

Throughout his career, the striker has been a part of top teams in various countries. Among them are Cyclone Y Iron in the West car In his native Argentina, LDU Juárez in Ecuador and Mexico.

How much is the Tomás Molina pass worth?

Striker Tomás Molina, who could reach Sporting Cristal, is currently valued at €1 million. According to statistics from the international Transfermarkt portal, this would be the highest value ever on a player’s pass card.

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