Why America Is Sinking and Where It’s Going Fastest | USA | Answers

Why America Is Sinking and Where It’s Going Fastest |  USA |  Answers

whats going on America? Scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are concerned about the sinking of parts of the US coastline, which contrasts with the rise of the Earth’s surface as a result of ocean warming. Mag explains more details about this particular event.

Risk of this downward movement in coastal areasn Flooding due to ocean warming. This is exacerbated by tornadoes and rain, especially in low-lying areas such as New Orleans.. It should also be taken into account that this 2023 NASA is talking about the existence of an El Niño event. .

NASA scientist David Begard In some parts of the United States, even if it’s not noticed, land is sinking faster every day than global sea levels are rising. “This has increased the risk of flooding in coastal cities”. Global average sea level is rising or 0.13 inches, per year.

Why is the United States sinking?

NASA scientist David Begard studied Land subsidence in the United States And across the world, what happens in the country is related to various factors, according to an article based note. .

State that the sinking area of ​​the earth is relative Deep natural processes over long periods of time, such as responding to tectonic plate activity or the retreat of glaciers from the last Ice Age. Other cases are related human activity, including the extraction of oil, water or mineral substances from the subsoil. In large cities, buildings add weight and push down on the earth.

Where in the United States is land sinking the fastest?

Areas of greatest land subsidence are primarily found in the United States On the East Coast and Gulf. Here are some selected important points .

Gulf Coast: Houston

  • The western coast of the Gulf of Mexico, especially in the city of Houston, has accelerated rates of land subsidence, recording about 17 millimeters per year between 2014 and 2020. Some parts of the city have lost more than 3 meters of elevation since 1917. Extreme weather events such as Hurricane Harvey in 2017 exacerbated this land subsidence. In the Houston-Galveston area, groundwater abstraction is the main cause. It shrinks the water table and reduces the land area. A small part of the subsidence is due to fault movement in the region.
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Gulf Coast: New Orleans

  • Some parts of New Orleans are experiencing more subsidence due to natural processes and human activities. Rates have varied from 150 to 500 millimeters across the city over the last 20 years. For example, in industrial areas near the Mississippi River, rainfall rates of up to 50 millimeters per year have been recorded.. It plays an important role in pumping groundwater. Deep underground subsidence is also caused by fault displacement, step . Other areas in the Gulf of Mexico are also experiencing severe subsidence rates due to groundwater pumping. One of these is the large area north of Tampa Bay, which is reporting up to 6 millimeters (0.24 in) per year, twice the global sea level rise from 2015 to 2020.

East Coast: New York City

  • New York City is sinking at an average rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year, mostly due to glacial resurgence after the last ice age. People living in submerged cities like these could see sea levels rise four times faster than in more stable areas. “Now if the water rises and submerges their land, their homes will be floodedsaid Matt Wei, a geophysicist at the University of Rhode Island. “That is the problem”. He explained that most of the city is due to land subsidence After the last ice age. However, parts of New York City It shows high collapse rates due to the weight of the buildings it pushes Down to the ground in those areas. While the average rate is 1-2 millimeters per year, some areas experience up to 4.5 millimeters per year. Land subsidence in New York City may have implications for sea level rise, as submerged areas may experience more rapid sea level rise compared to more stable areas.
Skyscrapers contribute to New York City’s decline (Photo: Pixels)

Mid-Atlantic: Norfolk

  • Norfolk has the highest sea level rise on the east coast. Land subsidence also plays a role: the Hampton Roads area is sinking twice as fast as the water level. A The note explains that the coast of Norfolk and Virginia is sinking at an average rate of 0.14 inches (3.5 millimeters) per year, with some areas sinking more slowly or faster. In addition to glacial regeneration like New York, Norfolk is experiencing a recession A meteorite crash created a hole millions of years ago. Groundwater withdrawal also contributes to high precipitation rates. Faced with this situation, the city is implementing a plan to restore water in the aquifer and stop pumping for a long period of time. Other areas along the coast, such as the Chesapeake Bay, are also struggling with more subsidence and sea level rise.
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West Coast: Central Valley of California

  • Along the west coast compared to the east coast, land subsidence is less, but it is still a problem. In the Pacific Northwest, the Tectonic plate activity It plays an important role in the vertical motion of the earth. “You may experience a gradual rise or fall depending on where you are.LBegard said. As the plates move laterally along the coast, in addition to human-induced processes such as over-pumping of groundwater, subsidence becomes more significant. In general, rates are higher on the West Coast Except in areas like San Diego, significant human-induced declines have been observed. In California’s Central Valley, over-pumping of groundwater for agriculture has caused significant land subsidence. Some areas have shrunk to 8.5 meters since the 1920s. During droughts, the subsidence problem is exacerbated by additional groundwater withdrawal. Some points showed subsidence of up to 600 millimeters (2 ft) per year.

What solutions are there for drowning?

According to the special portal , there are three main solutions to avoid earth collapse and total collapse. All these are related to groundwater management and other resources.

  • Reduce the amount of groundwater pumped.
  • Reuse wastewater to reduce pressure on fresh water sources.
  • Replace groundwater sources with other alternatives such as surface water.
  • Save water.

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