Why did Piero Quispe reject Russia’s plan to attempt the title record with the ‘U’? | Soccer-Peruvian

Why did Piero Quispe reject Russia’s plan to attempt the title record with the ‘U’?  |  Soccer-Peruvian

Piero Quispe He lights up the stands when he takes the ball and uses his street prowess to find the opposition goal. He has some goals, a task pending, but he is the most unbalanced player in the eleven that the coach trains every day. George Fossati. He proved it at the Copa Sudamericana, a showcase that opened doors for him in every corner of the world. Argentina, Mexico and more recently, Testify It turns out they also inspired the number ’36’ from Russia Sports University; However, Ban preferred not to cross the line as his desire to walk through the front door with the national title that has been elusive in the cream shop since 2013.

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For now, the player is focused on establishing himself in the Ad team, continuing to fight alongside his teammates for the first team in the Clausura competition, and continuing to improve as a footballer. Against Sporting Cristal, the twenty-two-year-old midfielder tried to join the team in the absence of ‘Orejas’ Flores, but he ended up narrowly missing the match goal in some passages, as an individual.

Testify He knows the Hector Sumpitas academy-born player is on the radar of clubs in Argentina, Mexico and most recently Russia. Additionally, talent scouts from every corner of the world follow him. However, the universal passbook is closed. Of course, the club does not want any distractions for now, as the immediate objective is at stake and there is no one else to fight for the national title other than winning the Clausura competition. Then, with a star in hand, they evaluated the best proposal that the Universitario, the Hector Chumpitaz Academy, has a percentage of training rights, and the advantage of the player Piero Quispe.

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“Let’s be united, let’s focus on the goal, Wednesday (tomorrow) is an important match (Sport Boys), don’t get distracted by false information. No offers for any club players, everyone is thinking about Wednesday’s game step by step. And give it.”Jean Ferrari, the administrator of the Universitario, wrote on his official Twitter account, following the press information about a possible interest in Celtic player Piero Quispe.

A few hours before the match against Sport Boys, the player focuses on making sure his game is useful for the team and they smile again when they win, as Sporting Cristal, Alianza Lima and Melgar FPC are in the fight for victory. Competition is over. In terms of football, Piero Quispe believes that Juan Maximo Reynoso will again be taken into account for the Peruvian football team’s next double date in October and will continue to rise.

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