Why Harvard Recommends a Desk with Movable Height Technology

Why Harvard Recommends a Desk with Movable Height Technology
Mobile Height Table (Shutterstock)

Los Mobile height tables or adjustable are included in the section of components for working at home; It is a piece of furniture with a button that changes the level of the floor Work To make the experience more comfortable.

However, comfort isn’t the only benefit, according to research in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health AmericaPeople can get burned 80 calories For an hour, when working standing, this number rises 88 calories for an hour.

Although this is not a drastic difference, it adds to calorie consumption to help regulate weight.

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In this sense, the teacher Robert ShmerlingEditor of Health Blog HarvardIf you have to work from a height-adjustable desk for long hours, it has been pointed out that this leads to more potential benefits: you reduce risks. obesityDiabetes, heart disease, Cancer (colon and breast), as well as serious events Early death.

Mobile height desks can change the layout of the workplace manually or automatically (Visso).

Although in principle these advantages can create interest in people who want to try this work method to improve themselves Health And while comfort increases, it also has minor downsides, especially if the employee is not used to standing for long periods of time, such as pain in the back, legs or feet.

In those cases, the professor said ShmerlingBetter to start with periods 30 or 60 minutes a day and gradually increase the time of this method. However, this recommendation depends on each person.

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“You may want to experiment with different time slots to find a time that works best for you,” he said.

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The price of this furniture varies, and some can be found cheaper than others 100 dollars Also cost more than others $1,000. It all depends on the materials used for its manufacture, the dimensions of the workpiece, the number of motors (you need one to move the entire table up or down mechanism), among other variables.

However, the idea is essentially the same in all of them: it is a table It has a mobile platform that moves up or down depending on the height the user wants to locate it. For this they use a small panel located somewhere in the controllable structure Manual oh Automatic The height you want to work at.

A mobile height desk allows employees to provide a more comfortable workplace. (noll)

If you are going to work in a place with many people CablesSome models include Sewerage You can enter everything that is used by the computer so that they do not interfere with the aesthetics of the space and provide a greater sense of order.

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One thing to take into account in this case is that you need to focus on quantity Cable Available when moving the desktop. If it is too low, it will cause problems when increasing the height.

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The demand for high-tech office space that surpasses the comforts of home is increasing more and more. Businesses are moving to new office spaces where workers can compete with those at home.

Office buildings completed in 2015 or later have seen net occupancy growth of 4.9 million square meters since the start of the pandemic, while 13.7 million square meters of office space has become vacant. For JLL Research.

Demand is driving up rental prices for modern buildings that offer state-of-the-art services such as high-speed internet and smart meeting rooms. “In today’s aviation standard, smart office technology is becoming more of an expectation than a luxury,” said Ariel Castillo of JLL’s technology division.


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