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According to two judicial decisions accessed by El Comercio, the amount of the embargo is estimated at more than S/ 4.6 million.

The move was ordered in a judicial proceeding in which Askorima is facing charges of aggravated collusion, illegal association and passive bribery, known as the Oprinza case.

In 2014, the governor was alleged to have arranged for Oprinza officials to engage in bidding in exchange for bribes.

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The ad hoc public prosecutor’s office last April requested the seizure to guarantee the payment of civil compensation by Oskorima and others involved in the case.

The Attorney General’s Office proposed a compensation of more than S/ 56.6 million, which Oskorima and others must jointly pay.


Judge Chavez’s first resolution orders the confiscation of six properties worth up to S/3.5 million in the form of registration.

The action considers four properties that Oskorima jointly owns with one of his ex-wives under the matrimonial economic regime known as community property.

Therefore, the threshold is 50% for each; That is, what corresponds to Oscorima.

The first is a property located in Cercato de Lima, valued at S/3.5 million. In this case, the amount seized was S/ 1.7 million.

The other two properties are parking lots located in San Ysidro, one at S/ 124,777 and the other at S/ 124,291. Finally, an apartment in the same district worth S/ 1.6 million.

Judge Chavez’s decision also contemplates the seizure of another property owned by Ascorima, the sole owner. It is located in Cañete and is worth S/ 743 thousand.

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Finally, a 2009 Subaru car is included, which he bought as a single person, which cost S/ 32 thousand.

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Another resolution is the seizure in the form of registration and an injunction of an apartment and parking lot in San Borja.

The value of the apartment is S/ 965,205; and parking, at S/ 154,784. The injunction prevents Oscorima from disposing of or impounding those assets.

Asked about the confiscation orders, Oscorima’s legal defender, lawyer Humberto Abando, told El Comercio that he would not comment because he was not aware of them.

Obrinza case

According to the tax hypothesis, in exchange for bribes, Ascorima agreed with senior managers of Oprinza in the 2014 bid for the Abra Docto-Vilcasuman highway project.

The contract will be signed by the General Manager of Altesa, a subsidiary of Oprinsa.

Tello was allegedly responsible for demanding and receiving more than S/ 856,000 from Obrainsa to bribe Oscorima.

Oscorima is credited with paying bribes equivalent to 3% of the work that supported Tello, with a reference value of more than S/ 129 million. He would have arranged the delivery of the good deal and signed the irregular annexes.

Code no. According to the story of a competent collaborator identified with 10-2018, a bribe of S/ 856 thousand was delivered to him in January 2015 in a briefcase at his residence in San Ysidro.

The same collaborator assured the Public Ministry that an Oprinza worker was responsible for the withdrawal of S/ 856 thousand from BBVA Continental Bank. Later, he gave the money to Elard Tejeda Moscoso, the general manager of Oprinza, who was personally responsible for giving it to Oscorima.

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Finally, he pointed out that this was the only illegal payment made to Obrinza Oscorima, because of his judicial problems, he resigned as regional governor of Ayacucho.

The prosecution accuses Oscorima, Tejada, Tello and others of being part of an illegal organization dedicated to committing corruption crimes.

Ascorima is also being investigated for allegedly giving Rolex watches and other jewelry to president Tina Bolavarte. In this case, National Prosecutor Juan Carlos Villena constitutionally reprimanded President Tina Bolvarte before the Republican Congress last May for the alleged crime of improper passive bribery.



Last April, the same magistrate sanctioned Oskorima for failing to comply with the code of conduct imposed on him by the Oprinza case.

Oskorima disobeyed orders to submit monthly reports on its activities subject to biometric control. For this reason, he received a warning, which serves as a wake-up call.


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