Will ‘The Great Chef’ compete? ‘It’s War’ Announces New Culinary Reality Format

Will ‘The Great Chef’ compete?  ‘It’s War’ Announces New Culinary Reality Format

‘The Great Chef: Celebrities’ It seems that the program has established itself as one of the most watched shows on television in months and because of its success ‘This is War’ Wants to do the match because it will have two new scenarios and one of them is A Cooking is true With famous people

The historical reality show, which pits warriors and fighters against each other in the same style as the Latin show, revealed that as it nears the semi-finals, they will implement two formats, the first one being the most notable due to its great similarity. Giacomo Puccio is the juror.

“Starting this Monday! New formats are coming to ‘Esto es Guerra’. ‘EEG OF THE FAMOUS’, ‘Versus of Schools’ and from France, a format to whet your appetite every night,” describes the promotional video that kicked off the competition. project.

“EEEG will surprise you again on the edge of the semi-finals,” they conclude.

It should be noted that throughout the video, images of various people from America TV appear Veronica Linares, Federico Salazar, Maria Pia CobelloNatalie Vértiz, Rebeca Escribens, Mónica Sánchez, among others. It suggests that many actors and anchors of Pachagamak channel will be guests in the cooking reality show which will be aired on Monday.

‘The Great Chef: Celebrity’ turns the tables

The popular cooking reality show hosted by Jose Peles has confirmed that there will be a schedule change as it will stop airing at 8pm and shift to 7pm.

According to reports, the decision was made so that the project would act as a cushion for the new series on the San Felipe Channel. ‘Daddy in Trouble’, which will take over ‘The Great Chef’ schedule. Due to this, users expressed their opinion through social networks.

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“I can’t watch it live, I watch it on the same day, but on YouTube at night, they upload it all in one day”, “It’s a dangerous schedule, they should have put the novel in advance and then Top Chef”, “Nooooo I’ll come home from work early and watch the show.” Vanden”, netizens commented, “They are going to directly compete with Esto S Guevara, I hope they continue to do well.”

This makes it clear “The Great Chef: Celebrities” He has a loyal audience that follows him and will have no problem watching him at 7pm, now it looks like he will compete. ‘This is War’Ever since the America TV show announced its new format Cooking reality show

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