Will there be classes on Monday July 8th for Teacher’s Day in Peru? Charge it Answers


In our country, every year on 6th July, the Teacher’s Day, an important date recognizing the fundamental work of teachers in the development and training of children and young people. During the years of basic education, students learn different subjects from teachers which will be very useful in their career. In this regard, the Ministry of Education (Mined) as this year’s Saturday is said to be a holiday, it has been reported whether this Monday, June 8, will be a day off for teachers. In the following note, we tell you all the details.

What does Minedu say about classes on June 8 for Teachers’ Day?

The Ministry of Education, through Ministerial Resolution 474-2022, established that teachers and assistants of Basic Education, Production Technology, Higher Technology, Higher Pedagogy and Art Training (ESFAS) in public and private institutions have the right to enjoy “leave”. For Teacher’s Day.

For this reason, the institute has announced in a statement that classes will be suspended this Monday, July 8 so that academic professionals can enjoy their vacation with pay. This notice was sent to the regional directors and managers of education, directors of local education management units and heads of military schools so that they can comply with what has been decided.

Phrases to dedicate on Teacher’s Day

  • “Your dedication and passion for teaching is inspiring. Congratulations!”
  • “The world needs more people like you, dedicated to the education and development of others.”
  • “Your work as a teacher makes a difference in the lives of your students and in society.”
  • “Every day, your work contributes to creating a brighter future.”
  • “Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for being that light that guides so many towards knowledge.”
  • “This Teachers’ Day, let’s celebrate the transformative impact of those who dedicate their lives to teaching.”
  • “On this special Teachers’ Day, you will receive the recognition and gratitude you deserve.”
  • “Your influence transcends the classroom; “You are a true agent of change.”
  • “Congratulations on being a beacon of wisdom and guidance to your students.”
  • “Your work as a teacher is an invaluable gift to society.”
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When are school holidays 2024?

As established by Minedu, school holidays will start next Monday, July 22, until Friday, August 2, 2024, so students should return to classes on Monday, August 5. In addition, it targets public schools across the country, while private institutions must decide and inform their students of their establishment dates, which is also 15 days.

It is important to note that even though the school students are on vacation, the teachers of these institutions must continue to work. During these holidays, teachers are responsible for organizing school activities to continue with the current schedule.


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