Winter 2024 | Senamhi | Which districts of Lima have the lowest temperatures in winter? lime


Pull out the sweaters, coats and blankets as the cold has already arrived. Winter started last June 20, which means lower temperatures in the capital. In this regard, the National Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Chenamhi) reported in which districts the thermometer would be low.

According to the Technical Organization linked to the Ministry of Environment, Metropolitan Lima will register values ​​of 13.5 degrees; However, this number decreases in the eastern zone, i.e. jurisdictions La Molina, Aet, Santa Anita and San Juan de Luricancho Because they are far from the sea.

If we talk about metropolitan Lima, we talk about values ​​of about 13.5 degrees in western Lima, but when we get from the ocean and the thermoregulatory effect, the temperature variations widen. That’s why inside Sections of Lima Este, districts such as La Molina, Santa Anita, Ate or San Juan de Lurigancho will have values ​​of around 12 degrees without rejecting minimum temperature values ​​of 9 to 10 degrees.. We do not rule out specific cases where values ​​drop to nine degreesMeteorologist David Carey explains Senamhito a local medium.

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A similar panorama will be recorded at Villa Maria del Trinfo, in particular Diglio is the boy, the thermometer reaches 10 degrees. Humidity in this part of the country can even reach 100%.

Chenamhi Other districts have also warned that humidity may reach 100%, some of which are Ancón, Santa Rosa, Ventanilla, Callao, Bellavista, La Perla, San Miguel, Magdalena, San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco, as well as Chorrillos, Lurín, Villa El Salvador Punta Hermosa and others.

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