Works as a virtual mouse

Works as a virtual mouse

An alliance between Researchers from Harvard University and Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) company DeepMindThe result was a virtual mouse with an artificial brain capable of controlling complex and coordinated movements.

Its purpose is Technology It helps to understand and follow the mechanisms that control brain movement.

In the journal Nature, science advances with this digital model to create an AI system that can think intelligently and convert thought into physical activity.

Researchers from Harvard University and DeepMind, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) company, have developed a virtual mouse, an artificial brain capable of controlling complex and coordinated movements. With this realistic digital model of a mouse described this Tuesday in the journal Nature, science takes a step forward, not only by thinking intelligently, but also by turning that thought into action at the nodes. EFE/Google DeepMind

Photo:EFE/Google DeepMind

How does this technology work?

To achieve that Virtual brain To send the right stimuli, the researchers will train an artificial neural network using real rat data recorded at high resolution so that it can control the virtual body in a physics simulator called MuJoco.

According to information provided by EFE, the simulator contains gravity and other forces comparable to the natural environment in which movement occurs.

On the other hand, in many experiments “It was clear that the artificial brain activated the same neural control networks movement than the real brains of real mice,” according to Harvard neuroscientist Bence Alvesky, an expert in training real rodents to learn complex behaviors.

On the other hand, Ölveczk added: “The collaboration was great: DeepMind has developed a system for training biomechanical agents It’s great for us to navigate complex environments because we don’t have the resources to run simulations like this.”

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