WWF Donana – Society criticizes “veto on science” in implementation of Northern Crown Irrigation Act

WWF Donana – Society criticizes “veto on science” in implementation of Northern Crown Irrigation Act

The conservation organization WWF expressed “deep” regret that the PP, “using its absolute majority”, had “refused” to invite both Eloy Revilla, director of the Tonana Biological Station, and Miguel Telebes, president of the Participation Council.

As the NGO pointed out in a press release, “it is unacceptable to try to legislate a rule that will have a very clear impact on the Tonana protected area, without even listening to the monitoring scientific community”. Protected space for more than 50 years”.

Therefore, WWF considers it “important” to consider information about “the conservation status of natural values ​​and the consequences of the new law” in this process.

In this way, the environmental organization has shown the rejection of the Andalusian PP, “despite the strong warnings of the Commission, it continues the implementation of the anti-Doñana law, which grants amnesty to more than 1,900 hectares of illegal irrigated crops” This law violates the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union” or UNESCO “The law goes against its recommendations and requests” That union.

“By continuing with its implementation, the government of the Junta de Andalucia not only risks a strict permit, but also condemns the desecration of one of the most valuable natural sites in the world. In addition, it exposes the entire strawberry sector to the deep rejection of the main European markets, as revealed this week by the boycott petitions launched in some European countries. Huelva”, the NGO announced.

On the other hand, WWF Spain General Secretary Juan Carlos del Olmo has stressed that Juanma Moreno and her party “want to silence the scientific community in front of the Andalusian parliament to hide what this law looks like very seriously”. will irreversibly affect Tonana”.

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“With this decision they not only risk the future of Doñana, but they condemn the entire strawberry sector in Huelva to severe punishment from the markets, because consumers have already expressed their discomfort and their desire to stop buying Huelva strawberries. It is impossible to distinguish legal crops from illegal crops,” he concluded.


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