Xiaomi is an expert in technology and promises that its electric car's semi-solid batteries will break all autonomous records.

The combination of Xiaomi's technological power and CATL's electric batteries is key to Xiaomi SU7 breaking known and yet unknown autonomy records.

Xiaomi's car It is doing all the necessary steps to reach the market little by little. Xiaomi SU7 was presented, or because there are two models, and maybe even three, the Xiaomi SU7 Max showed its design at the MWC in Barcelona at the end of December. The next step is to go on sale with a confirmed date.

He only needs to reach Europe. We will have to wait a little longer for that, according to Xiaomi itself, but that doesn't stop the Xiaomi SU7 from attracting the attention of motorists and Xiaomi fans. First one, Alberto de la TorreJournalist and Communicator since 2016 and Specializing in Automotive Industry For more than 5 years, he spoke with us About the excellent motorization of Xiaomi SU7. And about its batteries, it promises to break all records. Be careful, not counting its brutally fast charges.

“Free kilometers” thanks to an aerodynamic coefficient from another world

Xiaomi is new to making any kind of vehicle, although an exception can be made when talking about its line of electric scooters. Since these are electric vehicles, it would be logical to think that the experience would already be accumulated, but as Lee Jun said on several occasions, The design and construction of electric cars is a very complex process It took years of work for the company. And a lot of money. 1.5 billion euros in fact. Another 3,400 engineers are employed.

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The result is an electric car, the Xiaomi SU7, which has impressed everyone with its many features. Its design, for example, with its aerodynamic proportions, has brought a punch to the tables of the automobile sector, surpassed only by one model: Volkswagen XL1. Or its autonomous driver capable of making “fully human” decisions when choosing a parking space and parking without any driver responsibility. But still It also impresses with its motorization and autonomy. And here is another completely differentiating factor.

As Alberto de la Torre tells us, “On a mechanical level, the promises of the Xiaomi SU7 are amazing and I have little doubt that they will be fulfilled.“Xiaomi is no doubt new to the industry, but it has one very important thing in its favour. We are talking about this. A technology specialist company that has been showcasing its capabilities for over a decade To create all kinds of devices with better user experience. And in-car HyperOS is the latest example of that. But let's study Alberto.

On a mechanical level, the promises of the Xiaomi SU7 are impressive and I have little doubt that they will be fulfilled. They talked about 295 hp and 664 hp versions 800 kilometers of autonomy According to the Chinese homologation cycle. Given the specifics of this endorsement, this number is likely to be met. There are already more than a thousand kilometers of advertising vehicles.

They also spoke in their presentation CATL batteries with a capacity of 150 kWh. These energy accumulators are enormous and hitherto unknown figures NIO ET7. With this semi-solid battery, this Chinese electric car was able to travel 1,000 kilometers on a single charge in real driving conditions. I have no doubt that CATL, the world's largest manufacturer of electric car batteries, will soon rise to the occasion.

The “hardware” package is rounded off by an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.197 Cx. It is the best in the entire market and it is clear that the company has taken extra effort to achieve it. This gives you two advantages: “Free” kilometers of autonomy And, above all, compared to companies of the importance of Mercedes, until now led this segment. Added to this are some well-known companies in Europe such as Brembo brakes, which again have the advantage of providing superior performance while, at the same time, offering safety to the dubious European customer.

Thus, CATL's experience in developing batteries, design that provides an extraordinary coefficient of friction, and Xiaomi's experience in charge of all the technology surrounding its car promises to break all autonomous records. Xiaomi SU7 Max already has a range of 800 kilometers, but be careful, because the company has already prepared an even heavier model. Not an SUV, but a sedan. Another Xiaomi SU7 is yet to be revealed but it is It aims to carry an even bigger battery. More than 1,000 kilometers of autonomy? It is absolutely possible. If anyone can, it's Xiaomi.

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