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Yahaira Placencia He pointed out that he has no problem with his fellow salsa singers and was the first to support his colleagues after Sergio Jorge questioned on his podcast that Daniela Torcourt had many followers on social networks. The Queen of Dodo gave this explanation during an interview face to face of Heat Awards 2024 It takes place in Punta Cana at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel.

This is my fourth consecutive year here Heat Awards And I am very grateful to the whole organization Master Chris, Diana Montes Thanks for supporting us Lord, I am very happy. Last year I sang during the tribute to Nichi and it was incredible, what more could I ask for in life because this race is for the brave and here we go.said.

Yahaira Placencia in Heat 2024 (Video: Carla Chevez)

And you are nominated too

Yes, nominated by the fan club, thanks to all my Yahoolovers for being with me, I interviewed with journalists from Televisa, Way (Colombia) and everyone tells me: your fan club is huge.

Yes, he protects your teeth and nails

Yes, they are very supportive. Thanks for all your support.

At this point in your life, criticism slips away from you.

I’m at a point in my life where moving forward with my dreams is the most important thing, and now with the podcast I wanted to do, with music, I’m making my dream come true. I recorded a song Vicin Titled ‘Life is a Party’, it premieres on July 24. On that album Sergio George There are other famous artists in the urban genre and I am grateful for this opportunity.

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Sergio is your producer again

It’s always there and we have many projects

What do you think of the criticism Sergio Jorge, who I consider your father, received for saying some salsa dishes?

Well, I think you should ask Sergio the question, I interviewed him with no intention of offending anyone, anyone can take that, but he can tell you what he thinks.

There is no competition between the Peruvian Salceras

No, I get along with everyone. Yesterday we were all together and I think I support it first because if there was someone without a press officer, I would pull them in for an interview, because we all started from scratch.

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