Yap | Changes to Peruvian team sponsor Yap, Baicolor, relevant news or overkill? Experts give their opinion | Peru Team | Peru vs Venezuela | economy

Yap |  Changes to Peruvian team sponsor Yap, Baicolor, relevant news or overkill?  Experts give their opinion |  Peru Team |  Peru vs Venezuela |  economy

Yape’s own CEO, Raimundo Morales, shared the video on his networks.

At that point, Yap of the PCB mentions that – a day before the last date of the year’s qualifiers – he is placing an order “Not as sponsors or as a brand, but as part of the world’s best fans. (…) They do not remove illusionn“, he notes. This last phrase is one of the most resonant in the video. Other literal phrases like “”These 11 left everything on the field They need to be convinced again that they can play as equals To the world champion.”

The video went viral on social media and generated all kinds of comments from fans and experts alike. Some sympathized with the request, while others questioned the brand for the tone of the message. There were those who not only asked for changes due to the coach’s poor game results, but also changes in the administration of the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) that the news was investigated by the prosecutor’s office. But beyond this, Appropriate message from the sponsor? Considered excessive? Most appropriate timing? Day 1 He consulted with experts in Marketing And sports sponsorships to analyze it.

For Ximena Vega Amat y Leon, CEO of Claridad Strategic Coaching, it was a strategic, measured move and a calculated risk for Yape because of the national team environment and rumors about the coach’s continuity.

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“That’s clear The BCP should include real-time surveys looking at the sentiments and reactions of consumers on social networks, who are feeling angry and dissatisfied with the ‘performance’ of the selection. and blames Reynoso. In front of them, they see a Kareka as the image of a competing bank [Scotiabank] Strengthening the area of ​​trust. Apparently both Yap and BCP feel that they are somehow ‘betting on the loser’ at this moment in history, and they are making their own noise to capitalize on their investment.Expert comments.

Peru vs Venezuela: Gianluca Lapatula will start for Peru. (Photo: AFP)

/ Ernesto Benowitz

However, with Juan Reynoso already coach of the national team, and having signed a brand ‘sponsorship’ deal with the FPF, this implies that there are two points. The brand knew there was risk as it was a new project with a new manager. Thus, says Vega Amat y Leon, it is “sGo to defeat the national team, then if they lose, suddenly get out of the car, but They’ve clearly weighed in on the overweight and the message’s empathy with fans is sure to win”, Analysis.

The expert points out that Yap should have been a good investment in the medium and long term, so taking advantage of this impact in the short term is also a quick tactical move to capitalize.

For Eduardo Flores, CEO of sports marketing consultancy Dok Fino, the world of advertising offers many different aspects to take advantage of, and being a recognized brand with a well-earned place in the industry sought to reflect what Peruvian is all about. People want. “[El video] Focused attention is a very powerful strategy. We’ve never seen anything from a brand that subtly invites us to react and leave us with a lot of skepticism about it. [pedido de un] Leadership change “The perfect brand strategy to generate more engagement than usual” he demands.

Additionally, as a sponsor, the brand pays a huge amount, so they are looking to generate a return on their investment, he opined. In that sense, he notes, Yap knows the best way to do this is to put himself in the role of a fan. Awareness And a connection with the fan.

Blanquirroja captain Paolo Guerrero struggled throughout the game but could not avoid defeat against Chile.  (Photo: AFP)

Blanquirroja captain Paolo Guerrero struggled throughout the game but could not avoid defeat against Chile. (Photo: AFP)

However, it also shows the expert that there is no one at the FPF to help filter these types of messages, which are not common in sports sponsorships. “Perhaps this is an example for FPF in the future, as this is an issue where filters should exist. A request for a coach today, then a player may arrive, then a change of venue, The sponsor shares the same values ​​as its client, which is FPF. This communication gap is misunderstood, FPF says one thing, they say another, So it covers a problem that could work better“, it says. In his view, there must be a Filter so that the image and reputation of the exam is not affected.

Sponsorship is a long-term relationship in which values ​​are shared between sponsor and sponsor. FPF people believe they are unbreakable. Complaints don’t matter, raids don’t matter, or investigative journalism talks about mismanagement. [Todo esto] It affects the reputation and more than that the national team won’t win on the fieldLuis Carrillo Pino, director of the specialized sports company Live Media, said through his X account (formerly Twitter).

Juan Reynoso, in a press conference, was consulted on Yap's statement.  In this regard, he said that he does not have access to networks, but it is "If any sponsor mentions changes, I think I'm the one who wants Peruvian football to change the most.".  (Photo: GEC)

Juan Reynoso, in a press conference, was consulted on Yap’s statement. In this regard, he said that he did not have access to the networks, but “I think that Peruvian football should change a lot if any sponsor mentions changes.” (Photo: GEC)

For his part, Freddy Linares-Torres, professor of marketing at the Universidad del Pacífico (UP) and director of NeuroMetrics, thinks Yap’s appeal to “make the necessary changes” is consistent with the same message that sponsors the exam. They have joined with the aim of qualifying for the World Cup. Asking for changes is consistent with that objective. The tone seems broad to me and gives flexibility to those in chargeFor the DT and Technical Command, it is up to them to decide what those appropriate changes are“, he demands.

He adds that all brands today must choose topics that are aligned with their objectives and convey their message according to that topic, in a high-level and “scientific” way.Open up their role, who does what; It is part of the contemporary conversation. I don’t see any bad intentions.”Highlights.

Trained in Peru Videna.  (Photo: Julio Reaño / GEC)

Trained in Peru Videna. (Photo: Julio Reaño / GEC)

Vega Amat y Leon cannot recall any other sponsoring brand in the world of sports seeking to change that nature. But what stands out is his opinionGenerally the role of brands should be active and positive, Make friends with others to find a solution, a message of hope, or resolve matters, and Not just “kicking the board”.

Flores thinks so The response from people against this news has been overwhelmingly supportive. With BCP having experience sponsoring players like Paolo Guerrero, that is undoubtedly a measured and anticipated impact by the brand. Although he could not recall any such case where a sponsoring brand sought a change of club or federationRecalls a case where messages are not aligned between the sponsor and the delegate. This is the case of Banco Pichincha, who was the main sponsor of the Alianza Lima club in 2019, and launched a campaign about the shirt to face a mockery on social networks. He associated it with bad luck. The club, Flores recalled, said they disagreed with the message and that it was not coordinated with them.


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