Yarita Lizeth Confirms Her Marriage With Swiss Boyfriend, Video

Remember LisetteKnown as ‘Sinita Del Amor’, she will say yes to her boyfriend Patrick Lundeberg after 4 years of relationship.

Yarita Lizeth confirmed her marriage to Swiss boyfriend Patric Lundeberg

Yarita Liseth is a famous singer who is happy in life and soon she will join the ranks of married women.

The famous artist is in love and excited Patrick LundebergShe has decided to marry a Swiss citizen next month.

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Yarita Lizeth is starting a new phase in her life

translator ‘My Horns’ He announced that preparations for the most important event of his life had already begun; And although he didn’t want to go into more details, he did announce that there would be two weddings: one in Switzerland and the other in Peru.

“We are already in all the arrangements. When he came to see me, we talked and decided to take the next step in our beautiful long-distance relationship,” said the artist from Puno. And precisely as a bachelorette party, Remember Lisette He announced a big surprise to his fans.

The popular singer will perform a special performance at the venue on Saturday, August 26, along with surprise guest artists for her fans. Science of La Molina, in a certain place for his followers. Tickets can be purchased at TeleTicket. There will be many surprises in this show. One of them was planned for a small group of participants.

“This show is so beautiful, so great“I’ve been blessed to bring thousands of fans to the stage to be close, but not close enough to think about this show,” he famously said. ‘Love’s Sweetie’. The organizers have also prepared a never-before-seen game of lights and sounds, through which the artist wants to give a gift to his fans, and is ready to take photos and sign autographs with them.

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Yarita Lizeth was excited with her invited friends

About his invited artist friends, he said it would be a surprise. “We have chosen the best. I am very emotional as my colleagues have promised to leave everything on stage.

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For me, this is a dream show because it allows me to be close to my people and to have artists who are very important to my life,” added the singer.

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