Yola Polastri dies at 74: ‘The TV Girl’ last moments and details of her wake

Yola Polastri dies at 74: ‘The TV Girl’ last moments and details of her wake

Gino Tassara was approached to make a film about Yola Bolastri

Film director and journalist Gino Tassara condoled his death Yola Bolastri And he confirmed that there was an approach with children’s entertainment, but it was only a “preliminary conversation”, although at this time he wanted to express his condolences to the host’s family.

“I wouldn’t do it without the permission of my relatives. If there is no authorization, nothing is done. “It is too premature to talk about it,” he argued.

Gino Tassara has said that he will produce the film Yola Bolastri only if he does not have the family’s permission. Video: RPP TV
Director and journalist Gino Tassara revealed that he approached Yola Polastri to make his film. Video: RPP TV

The Ministry of Culture regrets the departure of Yola Polastri

The Ministry of Culture (Minkul) mourned the death Yola Bolastri A heartfelt message and detailed how his artistic career has been: “Peruvian singer-songwriter, choreographer and TV host who grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s with boys and girls who grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s, who became famous for his TV shows.”

The Ministry of Culture mourns the death of Yola Polastri.

Alberto Pingolia though Yola Polastri

The journalist was the artist’s memory bubble. Alberto Pingolia He was aware of the health of children’s entertainment. “It’s bad, I always had the illusion that I could get out of this bad situation, but it didn’t happen. It’s hard to accept,” he said.

Former politician and sports journalist Alberto Baingoglia fondly recalls his experiences as Yola Bolastri’s ‘bubble’. | Latin News

Yola Bolastri: Songs, Photos and Videos of Her 52 Years of Entertaining Adults and Children

‘Delly Girl’ is a renowned children’s entertainer whose songs have earned classic status in the children’s music genre.

‘Hola Yola’, an iconic children’s show hosted by Yola Bolastri | America TV

Yola Bolastri He was born on February 25, 1950 in Lima, the youngest of four siblings. He completed his studies in Santa Rosa de Lima Schoolin the district TaxThere she already demonstrated artistic abilities by receiving a scholarship for ballet MirafloresMovement Diana Kane Y Fanny DreyfussIn addition to modern dance training with ballet Trudy Kressel. He also directed his career in acting Lima Theater Club.

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Ernesto Pimentel mourns the death of Yola Polastri

Ernesto Pimentel mourns the death of Yola Polastri. Video: Chanel N

Yola Polastri dies: The ‘TV girl’ who loved generations lost her voice this July 7

The artist and popular children’s entertainer was admitted to the ICU in May due to cerebral palsy. The television character has over 50 years of experience captivating adults and children alike

Yola Polastri passed away this Sunday, July 7, at the age of 74. Video: Chanel N

Yola Bolastri He died on Sunday, July 7. The featured Entertainment for Peruvian children It has more than 50 years of experience, making many generations fall in love. He is known for acting in shows likeChildren’s World’,’Children and their World’ y’Hello YolaEmerged as an icon on children’s television in the country.

Yola Polastri died this July 7

Yola Bolastri He died at the age of 74. The news was reported by the account Instagram of the artist. In May, the health of children who suffered from strokes was poor. After being admitted UCI, The TV personality moved to his home to receive the care of his family.

“The Polastri Grimaldo family informs his entire community of the emotional death of Yola Polastri on Sunday, July 7,” Yola Polastri’s family wrote.

Yola Polastri passed away this Sunday, July 7, at the age of 74. Video: Chanel N

Yola Bolastri’s beginnings as an artist

Yola Bolastri Born on February 25, 1950. Trained artist Santa Rosa de Lima School He also honed his skills in ballet Miraflores with Diana Kane and Fanny Dreyfuss, and ballet in modern dance with Trudy Kressel. In addition, he trained at the Lima Theater Club.

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His career in television began at the age of 17 Panamericana TelevisionHe participated in various soap operas and shows along with famous actors like Ofelia Lazo, Sabi Kamalich Y Ricardo Bloom. His most notable works include co-starring in anime and novels.

When signed with America Television, Yola Bolastri He began directing and producing his children’s shows, establishing himself as a pioneer of Peruvian television.

Yola Bolustri in the ‘Children and Their World’ collection.

Friends and fans mourn Yola Bolastri’s separation

When this sad news came out, many fans expressed their sadness, as well as close friends, who were hoping for a speedy recovery until the last moment.

Social media users are mourning the departure of Yola Bolastri. Twitter
Social media users are mourning the departure of Yola Bolastri. Twitter
Yola Bolastri is a popular children’s entertainment.

Validity of Yola Bolastri

The actress, dancer and host has remained active despite retiring from television several years ago. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, it faced a decline in popularity due to the emergence of such modern children’s programs.Yuli’s show, ‘Nubelous’ Y ‘El Sho de Xuxa’. Despite this, Step parents He did not stop his activity and devoted himself to private shows, event animations and his workshop for young talents.

In the 2000s, he continued to perform Martian Theatre And this Teatro Canout. In 2005, he organized an event called ‘Reclaiming Values’ Memorial StadiumIntegrates 15 thousand people.

Its last presentation was in February 2024. Yola Bolastri He gave his program ‘Hello Yola Rocker’ at the Eduardo DeBose Coliseum in San Borja. “I’m playing my last games,” the television personality announced to Expresso newspaper on the occasion, making her followers nostalgic since they were children.

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Yola Polastri brought joy to children and adults with her children’s shows.

Yola Polastri was in the ICU

TV girl He had been in intensive care since Monday, May 13 due to brain damage. His brother confirmed the news Augusto Polastri through’Magali TV Law Firm’.

According to the program Magali Medina, Augusto Polastri The entertainer and dancer are reportedly under surveillance. “She’s unconscious, she’s sleeping. She didn’t wake up this morning, her blood pressure went up a bit,” he announced on May 15, waiting for improvement, which didn’t come.

On Tuesday, May 14, a day after being admitted to the intensive care unit, the entertainer regained consciousness but was in a delicate condition.

Various media continued to publish this news.

Yola Polastri is not up yet | America News – America TV

One month after hospitalization, Yola Bolastri He was discharged on June 19. Although many celebrated the new situation of children’s entertainment, the family made it clear that the artist’s health is still delicate. Finally, the beloved figure was gone this July 7.


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