Yola Polastri will be fired with her followers, who ask not to wear black dresses: where is the funeral of the ‘queen of children’?

Yola Polastri will be fired with her followers, who ask not to wear black dresses: where is the funeral of the ‘queen of children’?
Yola Bolastri: Funeral Home of the Peruvian Artist.

death Yola Bolastri This is one of the last sad news Sunday 7th July. The National Artist was unwell after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage which led him to stay in the ICU for some time, but he was finally taken home where he finally died peacefully.

her niece, Danitsa Pavlich, thanks to the support samples sent to the artist in the wake of news and presence. In statements to the press, the child entertainer’s family member revealed the cause of her aunt’s death. He said his death was peaceful, but insisted his health was already deteriorating after his first fall.

“She passed out peacefully, it was a heart attack, she passed out peacefully with a wonderful sigh, she really shines in the sky. (…) His stroke was very severe and left him with many consequences, and now this is what happened,” he explained.

What did Yola Polastri die of?: Daughter-in-law reveals real cause of death (Citation: America Television)

As a result of her departure, the family of ‘The Queen of Children’ has decided that her farewell will be with all the followers who made Yola the icon she is remembered to this day. His farewell began on Sunday, July 7, at Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación Parish in La Molina, where friends, family and followers came.

However, this Monday, July 8, Yola’s remains will be moved to headquarters Ministry of Culture, There they will continue their posthumous tributes. The public has access to Las Incas Foyer located at Javier Prado Este 2465 in San Borja.

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At this point, the farewell entrance Yola Bolastri It will be held from 1:00pm to 6:00pm and admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis, but please note that capacity will be limited.

Ministry of Culture has announced awareness for Yola Bolastri.

Last answer sheet Yola Bolastri It will take place this Tuesday, July 9, at the Jardins de la Paz Cemetery in the La Molina District. The Farewell will start at 4:30 PM and the public can attend the Farewell along with the family. However, the family members have made it clear that they do not want to turn this moment into a sad one, but instead want to remember the artist with the joy he brought to his audience in each of his performances.

“Yola always said that colors were her life, her way of expressing herself. We want everyone to remember her like this, full of life and joy,” said Danitza Pavlich, niece of the translator of ‘El Telefonito’.

For his part, Yola’s brother, Augusto Polastri, thanked the public for their love and emphasized that he hoped the public would come and say goodbye. “It’s very difficult for us. I won’t say much, so thank you, I repeat, you can come to see her, see her, see everything,” he said in a conversation with reporters.

Farewell to Yola Polastri by her followers. (Andean)

It should be noted that on the afternoon of Sunday, July 7, Yola’s followers were at Nuestra Señora de la Conciliação Parish in La Molina. More than one person paid tribute to him there, fondly recalling the times when they heard his songs and enjoyed his performances. Artists such as Andrés Hurtado, Luis Angel Pinasco and Ebelin Ortiz also participated.

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