NEW MUSIC: Diamond Platnumz – The One

April 23, 2019


NEW MUSIC: Diamond Platnumz – The One

Tanzanian musical sensation Diamond Platnumz has toned it down a huge couple of notches from raunchier hits with Rayvanny, to release ‘ a dedication to the one you love’, the single ‘The One’.

Shot by Zoom Production‘s Director Kenny in the stunning locales of Morogoro, Bagamoyo and Tanga Magoroto in Tanzania, ‘The One’ is believed to be a song about Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend, Tanasha Donna, though rather peculiarly, she does not feature as the video vixen in the single. (Keep in mind Donna has some music video experience, having appeared on Ali Kiba and Christian Bela‘s ‘Nagharamia’.)

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That notwithstanding, the new music video is a bold confessional for a star that prides himself of sex appeal, innuendo and trendy catchphrases and dance styles. ‘Eh… you’re the one I love. Eh… you’re the one I want’ and ‘I know you love me, and I love you too… I feel the same way and I can’t deny’ are some of the words dotting the track, against his distinctive vocal and instrumental composition, thanks to producer Lizer Classic.

The release of the song has drawn ire from Namibians, because the original version of this song, titled ‘One I Love’, appears to be a February 2019 release by Southern African singer King Teedee, on which Diamond features. However, the Namibian artist does not seem to have a problem with the version that has been released by Platnumz, posting on Instagram two days ago, saying“Great music is from the heart and that will touch every soul. [Diamond Platnumz] made it simple…”*

As with all of Diamond’s songs, I needed at least two listens to begin to warm up to the new music. While I feel it may not be his greatest, lyrically, he’s gone a long way to bring out the emotions and the intent necessary to command over 1.1 million YouTube views in under 24 hours. Wedding bells could be ringing…

*Editor’s notes: 4.30pm GMT+3 – Mention of original track content material, from which Diamond Platnumz appears to have used for this song, has been inserted following an outcry from Southern African readers

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