Earthquake in Peru Today, Friday, April 26 – Time, Location and Magnitude of the Last Earthquake, by IGP Live | composition

Peru Located in Pacific Ring of Fire, where the Earth emits more than 85% of the energy it stores inside. It is important to know that the seismic activity in the Peruvian territory is caused by the subduction of the oceanic plate and the continental plate, which causes telluric movements of different magnitudes and frequency. It should be understood that Peru is part of the South American Plate, which is colliding with the Nazca Plate at a rate of 6 cm/year.

For this reason, the Every day shares earthquakes in the country, because according to the report of the company, almost a thousand earthquakes are reported a year, and most of them are felt by people. Strong earthquakes have caused severe damage in the country, but the main problem is not the natural phenomenon, but informal constructions and houses not built on recognized high-risk soils.

So, I will immediately show you the official information and safety recommendations of the IGP updated in real time regarding the recent earthquakes that occurred today on April 26. .

Earthquake in Peru today, April 26 live by IGP

It is important for Peruvian citizens to avoid the consequences of a strong tremor or earthquake, and to know the details such as the exact time, earthquake and magnitude reported by the Institute of Geophysics (IGP) in collaboration with the National Seismological Center. sensis). Below, I'll tell you what the last jitter is.

What to do after an earthquake in Peru?

  • Check for gas leaks that could cause a fire.
  • Call emergency numbers: Firefighters 116, Red Cross (01) 2660481 and Mobile Emergency Medical Unit (SAMU) 106.
  • Help the injured.
  • Be aware of potential setbacks. Avoid being near earthquake affected houses.
  • If you are near the ocean, stay away from the area until the possibility of a tsunami is eliminated.
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What should be in an emergency bag?

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