3 Things Sci-Fi Movies Warn Us About That We Pay Attention To Even If It’s Right

Cinema Science fiction It differs from fiction in that it bases its futuristic inventions on real sites. His visions of the future, usually dystopian and pessimistic, have an ugly habit of coming true.

After artificial intelligence extreme climate change, we have seen many things that sci-fi movies warned us about years ago, and now they have come true.

Artificial intelligence takes control

A recurring enemy in science fiction movies is artificial intelligence. from Metropolis By Fritz Lang, there was already speculation about machines becoming self-aware, but it was HAL 9000 Inside 2001 What really scared our bodies: AI capable of turning itself against its creators.

Arguably the most famous evil AI in cinematic history Skynetof Terminator. The fear of nuclear weapons in the Cold War was created by James Cameron in the 80s when it was still recent, which is why Skynet dropped all the nukes at once and wiped out humanity.

The Wachowski sisters also found a similar end for humanity, although they had a “flavor” that allowed us to trick ourselves into living in the Matrix, a computer illusion that many didn’t want to wake up to, like in Plato’s cave.

Her review

But starting in the 21st century, artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be so destructive. We’ve spent years handing over control of our lives to Siri and Alexa, letting algorithms decide what we do in our spare time, and now more and more AIs threaten. Take our jobs.

That seems to be false herof Spike JonesIt came out ten years ago 2013. The film shows our dependence on technology as the protagonist Love artificial intelligence.

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An idea we see with Joey (Ana de Armas). Blade Runner 2049A more sophisticated “corporate product”, but not far from the virtual “idols” of K-Pop or V-Roots: influencers no longer need to be real to gain fans.

Blade Runner 2049

The permeation of artificial intelligence into all aspects of our lives is no longer speculation, but a reality (“NFT” and “metaverse” are the bubbles of 2022, “AI” is the hot topic of 2023). What if they turn out badly?

Recently, two productions speculated on what would happen if AIs controlled all aspects of our lives. Mrs. DavisCreated by Damon Lindelof, it hides in black comedy and a lot of action, but it’s about an AI called Mrs. Davis who is said to have prevented war and famine in the world once again.

Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment Part 1 - Image Collection II

Paramount Pictures

In Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment (Leaving science fiction and entering thriller) We see a modern Skynet corporation that is self-aware and capable. Calculate all the possibilities Almost impossible to catch.

Interestingly, both products play Double meaning by presenting AI as God(Mrs. Davis is a nun who rebels against the AI, and Esai Morales, who plays the Mission Impossible villain, shares a name with Archangel Gabriel, God’s messenger to the world.

James Cameron himself has already speculated about AI rebelling against humanity Terminator, Recently commented what “AI militarization is the biggest risk” and “We will enter the equivalent of a nuclear arms race with AI, and if we don’t, others will certainly do it in an expansion”.

“I already warned you in 1984 and you didn’t listen,” he said. With messages like this, an AI called WarmGBT can Create custom malware By asking that, doesn’t it sound like we’re already living in a science fiction movie?

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Climate change

Soylent green

The Climate emergency is not new, and although awareness Climate change Too often, the film industry has fallen into the banality of using disaster movies as an excuse for entertainment and quick consumption rather than true reflection.

But some movies have already warned about the ecological fine balance and the disastrous consequences for mankind. Soylent green (When destiny overtakes us), set no later than 2022, shows society on the brink of collapse due to the greenhouse effect, resource depletion and population growth.

He acted in this science fiction film Charlton Heston He was one of the pioneers who warned of a future that didn’t seem dystopian, and today he is remembered for more than just his cinematography.

Don't look up

Released fifty years later, in 2021 Don’t look upAdam McKay’s popular comedy on Netflix, which focuses not on the causes or effects of the disaster (it didn’t come from the weather, but from space), but on society’s appalling lack of empathy and awareness. An instant result.

Scientists who try to warn about the end of the world are ignored and ridiculed by the media, and most of society prefers not to listen.

Is there no hope for humanity? We would like to end with some hope by recommending the documentary 2040, Australian Damon Camau, who imagined his daughter leaving the world in 2019, highlighted all the solutions and measures already being implemented to protect the environment.



In the year 2020, the lives of all the inhabitants of the planet were turned upside down, and many thought it was an epidemic. COVID-19 It was like something out of a movie.

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In fact, epidemics have always existed. The flu of 1918 killed more than 100 million people (compared to more than 6.9 million victims caused by SARS-CoV-2), but it never hit the globalized world, and no one saw what it would look like. The whole planet…except for the movies.

Title image InfectionWith an ensemble cast of Steven Soderbergh, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Laurence Fishburne, Marion Cotillard and Jude Law, it takes a detailed look at how a deadly virus spreads around the world. similar to Covid-19).

If a movie is made about Covid-19 for future generations, it will be like this one.

Virus 2013 Netflix

And terrible fever (Virus)A 2013 Korean film that went viral on Netflix during the first days of quarantine (never better told), about a deadly virus that can’t be contained…and ends in disaster.

Fortunately, Covid-19 did not cause the total collapse they had hoped for. movies as Children of men, train to Busan oh 12 monkeysAnd now we can say that the society is more prepared and aware of the future challenges…or so we want to believe.

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