3D technology is revolutionizing urology

The 3D technology in urology has become Very useful tool. In this surgical removal, 3D planning This reduces intervention time and the risk of urinary tract infection. In addition, it reduces ischemia time, when the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to an organ or tissue is interrupted or significantly reduced.

“The 3D models can be integrated into the surgeon’s view on the robotic console, providing highly accurate anatomical guidance at all times. Facilitates navigation and surgical planning, The complexity of the main steps of partial nephrectomy can be predicted in advance”, explained Dr. Vittal Hevia, Medical Director and Chief of the Division of Urology ROC Clinic. Dr. Hevia was also responsible for directing the 1st course on multidisciplinary approach to kidney cancer. HM Sanchinarro University Hospital of Madrid, Hosted by Cella.

During the course, the benefits offered by 3D technology andn In the field of teaching and interaction with patients. “It has proven to be a very useful tool in training urology anatomy and residents. This allows patients to easily understand the extent of their disease. Complexity of its treatment and development of postoperative complications” adds the surgeon.

Dr. Hevia: “Precision in the knowledge of surgical anatomy is necessary to anticipate the difficulties that each case may present”

A study published in Europe PMC About Use of 3D models in partial nephrectomies This in turn affects the benefits of 3D models “Increase the capacity of the surgeon To deliver better surgery by addressing key limitations of the current planning process.” Thanks for these techniques, “Hospitals benefit from both reduced operating time and patient length of stay”, The analysis indicates.

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Researchers are also working to improve the capabilities of 3D technology Treatment of locally advanced renal cell carcinoma with vena cava invasion. As Dr. Hevia adds, “In these proceedings Accuracy in knowledge of surgical anatomy is essential to anticipate the difficulties which each case may present.”

Kidney cancer accounts for 3% of all cancers in adults

Kidney cancer It particularly affects men between the ages of 40 and 60. Besides, It accounts for 3% of all cancers in adults. According to data from Ministry of Health.

According to the report Cancer statistics in Spainedited by Spanish Society of Medical Oncology Collecting data on cancer incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence in Spain, in 2023 8626 new kidney cancer cases.

“Life expectancy of patients with kidney cancer It depends on the stage of the disease at the time of diagnosis, Better in localized disease and worse in metastatic disease. however, “In recent years and thanks to immunotherapy, we have seen a significant increase in the survival of patients with metastatic disease.”, Dr. Hevia insists.

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