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Twelve kilometers per hour is the average time taken to travel. Towards the southern beaches of Lima on the first day of Holy Week. Last Thursday, the newspaper Panamericana Sur verified that there were several kilometers of queues of parked vehicles heading towards Cañete and Ica. An estimated 4,500 cars passed through the Villa Toll located at km 19.5 of the said highway every hour that day, with a large number returning to the capital tomorrow.

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Rutas de Lima concessionaire's rating is approx 40 thousand vehicles will return to Lima on Sunday the 31st, Especially between 10 am and 2 pmwith peaks greater than 3,000 cars per hour at Punta Negra toll (KM 45).

To avoid a new slope of the road, the Change of direction (reversal of two lanes from north-south to south-north) Starts at 2:00 p.m. The operation will start at kilometer 50 (Santa María Beach) and end at the Atocongo road interchange at kilometer 11 in the district of San Juan de Miraflores.

Note the change of direction to return to Lima
Take into account peak vehicle traffic times

During this period southbound vehicles should take the Arica Bridge (elevation KM 35+700) towards Antigua Panamericana Sur and return to the road at the Santa Maria approach (elevation KM50).


In view of the inevitable increase in traffic during the Panamericana Sur this Sunday, the main recommendation of PNP General Javier Vela, National Head of Traffic and Road Safety, is to avoid the “peak hour” that runs from 2 p.m. and lasts till night.

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In a conversation with El Comercio, he reiterated that one of the main causes of accidents is high speed, so it is important to pay attention to changes in signs. “When traveling on the road, the limits are marked. “The normal speed on open roads is 100 km/h, but there are places where people or vehicles can cross and there are signs to slow down.” said.

Vela recalled Emergency Center 110 To report all types of road emergencies. “Drivers with an emergency, such as a mechanical breakdown or accident, can call Line 110 so that the Highways Police can come to their support immediately.”he added.

It is important for drivers to keep all their documents in order. (Current Driving License, Vehicle Identification Card, SOAT and Technical Inspection) and a mechanical emergency kit which includes position triangles, reflective vest, fire extinguisher, hydraulic jack and emergency tire. Basic system of the vehicle (tyres, lights, fuel, electrical system) It should be checked before starting the return journey to reduce the incidence.

For its part, the Rutas de Lima concession company increased its resources by 60% for Easter, with more than 250 workers dedicated to serving users in Panamericana Sur. In both Panamericana Norte and Panamericana Sur, users with a problem or vehicle emergency in the concession area can contact the concessionaire's emergency center: 0800-44-192.


In addition to traffic congestion, complaints have been reported about the lack of signs about changes in speed limits from 100 km/h to 60 km/h or 30 km/h on sections of the Panamericana Sur near Cañete province.

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In the section near Bujama city center (Mala district), between kilometers 89 and 91, the permitted limit is 60 km/h in both directions, applicable to all types of vehicles, whether private, transport or cargo. or merchandise. Violators will be fined up to S/ 2,575 (M20c).

Central Road

Truck control

Organized by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) as part of the Easter campaign Restriction on plying on central highway for any truck exceeding 3.5 tonnes gross weight To provide convenience to all those traveling on long vacations.

Kilometers 23 and 145 of the Central Highway (which starts at Chaglakayo towards Bukhara city center in Yauli) will be restricted this Sunday, March 31, from noon to 8:00 p.m.

Likewise, it should be noted that there are five alternative routes to the Central Highway:

For light and heavy vehicles (buses and trucks up to 3 axles):

• Route 1: Tri River Oval – Sayan – Oyan – Ambo

• Route 2: Huaral – Acos – Huayllay – Dv. Cochamarca – Free Mp3 Download Pasco Mountain

For light vehicles only

• Track 3: Chalk – Singing – Dv. Workshop – Acochaca – Emp. km 109 (PE-20A) – 109th anniversary of the 19th century. Pasco Hill.

For light and heavy vehicles (buses and trucks up to 3 axles, except 2 decker buses).

• Route 4: Cañete – Lunahuana – Dv. Yaos – Huancayo City.

For light and heavy vehicles (buses and trucks up to 2 axles)

• Route 5: Pisco – Pompano – Rumichaca – Plazapata – Huancavelica – Iscuchaca – Huancayo.

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