A Fairy Tale by Juan Vargas About a Young Man on His Daughter’s Fifteenth Birthday | Answers

A few days ago, Juan Manuel Vargas He gave an interview to Jesus Alzamora for his show on YouTube, where he dared to tell the details of his relationship with his wife. Blanca Rodriguez. Also, during the speech the former national football player surprised more than one person with funny anecdotes about his daughter’s fifteenth birthday.

What unique anecdote did Juan Manuel Vargas tell about his daughter’s Quincy year?

‘Loco’ Vargas gave an interview to Jesus Alzamora for his show ‘language’ It was sent via YouTube where he recounted an interesting event during the fifteenth birthday of his wife Blanca Rodriguez and his youngest daughter.

“My daughter’s fifteenth birthday, I don’t drink alcohol, the children are coming out of the park, one year old, I saw them busy, I found one in my room, he told me. ‘Sir, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ I’m lost’. I wanted to push him down the stairs“said the former national team.

Likewise, laughing, Juan Vargas noted that his wife Blanca tells him all the activities of their five children during the day, so he trusts her completely. “Then I said, I’m there for my daughter… Her mother leaves her, Blanca tells me, she’s with her friend, don’t think you’re stupid… I’ll hold her with you, something’s wrong. My daughter, I will take her with you” he added.

What did Juan Manuel Vargas study after retiring from football?

After ending his career as a soccer player, the former Peruvian national team player tried to find ways to continue in the field of sports. In this way, Juan Manuel Vargas gave an interview to Pedro Garcia for his program PlayzoneTV It goes viral on YouTube, in which he announces that he is starting his studies in sports management to delve further into football.

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I started studying sports management. I read it, and from there I was looking at a sports title as a coach, those things, but I didn’t punch it again.“Loco’ Vargas said he was done with his career.

Juan Manuel Vargas made his debut for which team?

The famous ‘Crazy’ Vargas started his training in the minor divisions of the Peruvian football team Universitario de Deportes. He made his first division debut with the same team in the 2002 season, in which he and his team managed to win the Apertura Tournament title.

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