A radio signal from space is a mystery that baffles astronomers

It could be proof of life

? A cosmic puzzle has puzzled astronomers: A radio signal Very strange It repeats every hour and alternates between three different levels. This phenomenon challenges our current understanding of physics and has sparked great interest in the scientific community.

A wave identified by a radio telescope in Australia has been officially named ASKAP J1935+2148. The data suggests that it is happening again and again Every 53.8 minutes And it has three different variants. In one of these states, it emits bright flashes lasting between 10 and 50 seconds, with linear polarization that aligns the radio waves in the same direction.

Published by the journal Nature.

In another state, the pulses are very weak and last only 370 milliseconds. And sometimes it stays that way


. Dr. Manisha Caleb, lead author of the research, commented, “What’s interesting is how it shows three emissions, each with completely different properties.” The MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa is key in distinguishing frequencies.

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What do you know about strange radio signals?

Although it is hypothesized that

Fascinating, scientists believe the most likely explanation is that the mysterious signal comes from a neutron star or white dwarf. However, unusual characteristics of frequency They are not fully compatible with understanding Real of these materials.

To understand the concept, the Neutron stars And this White dwarfs They have some similarities, but also major differences. Both are remnants of massive bodies, but the former in question usually emits radio waves on a regular basis. However, the slow speed of this signal (one revolution every 54 minutes) That would be physically impossible.

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On the other hand, although the second can rotate at that speed, no mechanism is known. This allows for the generation of observed radio signals.

This isn’t the first case of a recurring radio signal puzzling scientists. A similar phenomenon, discovered a few years ago, It had an 18-minute cycle and was considered impossible. This new signal, with its complexity and duration, only deepens the mystery. Further observations will be needed to solve this puzzle.

“This may force us to rethink our decades-old understanding of neutron stars, or white dwarfs, how they emit radio waves and what properties they have in our galaxy,” Caleb concluded.

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