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In a surprising twist, a die-hard fan of the iconic franchise “Ranma 1/2” 3DCG animation has managed to take over social networks in Japan, attracting the attention and admiration of the otaku community. Despite historical criticism of CGI animation in the anime world, The project has proven exceptional, generating excitement among followers of Rumiko Takahashi's famous manga.

The animation, meticulously created by a talented fan of “Ranma 1/2”, uses CGI in its scenery designed in 3DCG and all battle scenes. Despite fans' previous reluctance toward these types of tactics, the quality and fluidity of the creation has impressed many, defying expectations and reviving the conversation about potentially returning the industry's attention to beloved series.

This event doesn't happen in a vacuum, as it was included in the latest remake.Urusei Yatsura“, another work of Rumiko Takahashi. The combination of these two initiatives has raised the hopes of fans that manga classics will get the adaptation they deserve, fixing the flaws and changes presented in the original adaptations.

Speaking specifically about “Ranma 1/2”, the series debuted in 1987 and has a special place in the hearts of anime fans. The plot, which follows the hilarious misadventures of Ranma Sadom, a young man who undergoes a gender transition after coming into contact with cold water, has made a lasting mark on Japanese pop culture.

Despite the popularity of the manga, the anime adaptation by Studio Dean in 1989 was not without criticism. The series offered significant differences from the original material, adding characters, story arcs, and original stories. The sudden ending without covering the last story left a bitter taste for fans.

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However, with the recent interest generated by projects like the impressive 3DCG video and the “Urusei Yatsura” remake, “Ranma 1/2” fans hope that the series can get a more faithful and complete adaptation, corrects its predecessor's shortcomings and gives fans the closure they deserve. The excitement surrounding these efforts proves that the legacy of “Ranma 1/2” continues to resonate strongly in the anime community, decades after its debut.

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