According to Goldman Sachs, the world's top ten economies in 2075

In 2075, the global economy will have three countries as its main assets: China, India and USA.

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This was revealed in a study conducted by Goldman Sachs, which analyzes and projects economic growth in the coming years. In that sense, The report highlights that countries with the highest GDP are concentrated in AsiaDue to rapid population growth.

For China, Asia tops the list with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $57 trillion. Next is India with $52.5 trillion and the current superpower, the US, with $51.5 trillion.

Other economies on the list, in that order, include Indonesia ($13.7 trillion), Nigeria ($13.1 trillion) and Pakistan ($12.3 trillion).

Additionally, Egypt ($10.4 billion), Brazil ($8.7 billion), Germany ($8.1 billion) and the United Kingdom ($7.6 billion) round out the 'Top 10'.

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As far as India is concerned, the company highlights a key Use the potential of those people Development means engaging within its workforce and imparting training and skills to its talent pool.

“India's large population is clearly an opportunity; however, the challenge is to use the workforce productively, to increase the labor force participation rate. That means creating opportunities for this workforce to be absorbed and simultaneously trained.” and improving their skills,” Goldman Sachs notes.

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1. China (US$57 billion).

2. India (US$ 52.5 billion).

3. United States (US$51.5 billion).

4. Indonesia (US13.7 billion).

5. Nigeria (US$13.1 billion).

6. Pakistan (US$12.3 billion).

7. Egypt (US$10.4 billion).

8. Brazil (US$8.7 billion).

9. Germany (US$8.1 billion).

10. United Kingdom (US$7.6 billion).

11. Japan (US$7.5 billion).

12. Russia (US$6.9 billion).

13. Philippines (US$6.6 billion).

14. France (US$6.5 billion).

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