Adele, BTS, Katy Perry, Coldplay or Bruno Mars, among the 200 songs that will go on a NASA mission to the moon | Music

Sound does not travel the same way in space but the interest in music can be equal or greater than on Earth. Therefore, the NASA Work continues on creating the definitive playlist that will become the official soundtrack of the next lunar mission. The list has already been posted on major streaming sites and includes names like Adele, BTS, Katy Perry, Coldplay or Bruno Mars…

Among the many artists who will be a part of this expedition, they are few who can officially say that they too have been on the moon. Obviously, there's music for all tastes and for all genres and rhythms imaginable, although we miss the Latin part because the whole sound proposition is Anglo-Saxon.

A group of Artemis II He continues to receive suggestions for his space playlist because you never know if there might be extraterrestrial life, and you never know if other people can enjoy earthly creations as great examples of human talent and love. NASA is gearing up for its next lunar mission Commemorates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

Apparently, songs with clear spatial references are missing from this list: Space Oddity de David Bowie, Fly me to the moon de Frank Sinatra, Man on the Moon de REM, Rocket Man de Elton John, Blue Moon de Billie Holiday, drops of Jupiter de Train, Walking on the Moon de The Police, Spaceman de The Killers, Across the Universe de The Beatles, Skyfall de Adele, A Sky Full of Stars de Coldplay, New Moon Monday de Duran Duran…

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A truly amazing list of such tips ET D Katy Perry, D Learn To Fly Foo Fighters, Dance In The Moonlight D Taploader, NASA by Ariana Grande o We are all stars made of T Moby, Among many others. It will all be a while since NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced the four astronauts who will orbit the moon aboard Artemis II. This is the first crewed mission on NASA's path to establishing a long-term presence on the Moon for science and exploration using Artemis.

Building on the successful Artemis I uncrewed mission completed in December, the flight will lay the foundation for that. The first woman and the first black person to visit the moon by the Artemis project, paving the way for future long-duration human exploration missions to the Moon and, later, Mars. This is NASA's “Moon to Mars” exploration approach.

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