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Prometeon offers an integrated offering of products and solutions focused on increasing transport performance with tires for all needs. Which star product will start marketing in Argentina and Brazil?

Prometeon Group Argentina indicates its presence in Expogro 2024, an important exhibition on the development, progress and modernization of the Argentine agricultural industry, as well as a meeting place for the agricultural community. The manufacturer of tires and solutions for land transport showcases an extensive catalog of products and services along with the latest innovations it offers in the country.

“Prometeon's expectation at this Expogro is to present our portfolio of brands: Pirelli, Anteo, Sestante, together with truck and agricultural machine tires to the agro-industrial and transport sector, which offers all the solutions the field needs,” he said. Juan Manuel Martinez, Marketing Manager Promotian.

For the agricultural sector, Prometeon offers both radial technology and conventional tires. Among them, the PHP:70, PHP:75, PHP:85, PHE:75 and PDR:22 models stand out, catering to the entire sector.

In April, the Series 02 truck tire (Leonardo Galetto) will begin marketing in the region.

In the section Trucks, Promotian Be innovative with your products Premium New models like FR88, TR88, FH88, FR:01 and TR:01. These tires guarantee durability, traction and safety on every journey, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

In addition to its premium line, Prometeon has its own brands in its portfolio, such as ANTEO and SESTANTE, which are designed to meet the needs of specific price segments or applications that require advanced technology, offering better performance and quality at lower costs. .

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In Expogro 2024The company informed the truck segment that the prestigious SERIES 02 will be offered at the same time Argentina Y Brazil In April. It was created Promotian And it has already started Europe.

“In the trucking segment, at ExpoAgro we offer a full range of products across various tire strata, from high premium to lower segments. We have a new product to offer, a new launch that will be coming to our market in the coming months, the Series 02,” announced Commercial Manager Ezequiel Pipino. Promotian.

The tire is the result of four years of work by 100 professionals in research and development, marketing and logistics. Promotian. Tested with 2,500 tires over 180 million kilometers on the roads of Italy, Germany and Turkey.

Hernán de Leo, Agro Business Manager, Juan Manuel Martínez, Marketing Manager and Ezequiel Pipino, Business Manager of Promidion (Leonardo Galetto)

The company has a network of 22 authorized distributors, with more than 100 commercial and technical service points across the region. In addition, it has five tire retreading plants using PROMETEC belts, where one recently opened in Villa Maria (by PyL Neumáticos), offering a retreading service for agricultural and OTR tires.

“We have a very wide distribution network for a wide range of products, whether conventional tires or radial tires, which are for the future but already play a very important role in the present,” said Agro Business Manager Hernan de Leo. Promotian.

The Consistency It also occupies an important place in the project Promotian. The company, in Rosario City, in collaboration with its network of distributors and a multi-brand collection center for used tires, undertakes an environmental protection program that includes recycling of used tires.

The Promion Tire Group was formed from Pirelli's (Leonardo Galetto) commercial vehicle tire division.

Prometeon Tire Group Arises from the commercial vehicle tire segment PirelliFounded in Italy in 1872, it began production of tires for trucks in 1876 and tires for agriculture in 1936. In 2015, Pirelli Reorganizes its operations, splitting the division to focus on high-performance tires.

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In 2017, the division became independent Prometeon Tire Group, focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing of commercial, agricultural and OTR tires. Standing out for its quality and innovation, it has positioned itself as a global leader in its segment with a presence in 160 countries, 8,000 employees, four manufacturing plants and four research and development centers.

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