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  • Mining connectivity allows for technological advances such as teleoperation of cranes, increasing efficiency and safety on the job.
  • Transworld, a Chilean company specializing in technology, telecommunications, industrial security and energy, will showcase its solutions for industry during the exhibition.

Automation and teleoperations in the mining industry are now essential to improve processes in terms of safety and efficiency. A study by the Mining Council in 2018 has already predicted that mining will require new skills as maintenance moves from manual to automated operation and extraction.

For this reason, Transworld, a Chilean company that designs telecommunications and ICT solutions, will once again appear at Exponor to showcase its products and services for mining connectivity through fiber optics and wireless technology, network infrastructure and networking.

“With our telematics solutions, mines can introduce remote operation of cranes and trucks, for example, a technological advance that allows greater efficiency and safety in operations,” says Eric Novoa, Transworld’s marketing and communications manager.

In this regard, the company has developed important mining projects related to telecommunications and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television for Control and Video Surveillance) such as Sierra Gorda, Bucobre, Codelco, AMSA, Anglo, BHP etc. “Our solutions add value and solve critical industry problems such as increasing efficiency, reducing long downtimes due to shift changes and accident rates, and therefore, increasing the profitability of projects,” says Novoa.

But Transworld will offer only telecom and ICT products and services at the Expo. It will also display its solutions Industrial Security Y Energy For this section. In this regard, the executive comments: “We have complete products for the safety of machines: sensors, controllers, radars and perimeter fencing, which provide great value to the mining industry because they reduce the rate. Accident rate is one of their biggest concerns.

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In the energy area, Transworld undertakes major projects for the mining industry, ranging from equipment sales to the design and implementation of electrical substations. “We have developed significant energy projects related to underground connection to power substations at Minera Tech Carmen de Andacollo, Codelco Andina and Norte. Additionally, we are pioneers in introducing fire prevention and extinguishing technology in transformers, autotransformers and power reactors,” Novoa adds.

These innovative solutions can be found on levels 16 and 17 of Transworld’s Pavilion A at Exponer 2024, which will take place in Antofagasta between June 3 and 6.

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