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The Congressional Economic Commission, in session, gave its approval AFP withdrawal 4 UIT (S/20,600) for subsidiaries without exception. The commission received 14 votes in favor of the initiative.

Earlier, the Commission approved the attempt to separate 4 UITs from the AFPs from the assessment proposed by the modernization of the Peruvian pension system. As recalled, only discussion and approval of this text was on the agenda.

However, at the request of Congress's German Daguri, the former issue was put up for debate, leading to a split in initiatives. At this time, the Commission has entered a transitional chamber with the aim of closing the legislative formula proposing the withdrawal of the 4 ITUs.

During the discussion

Starting at 11 am, the commission began its debate on a report that included 21 bills and proposed a comprehensive reform of the Peruvian pension system. Commission President Cesar Revilla supported the initiative. β€œThis reform is the result of thorough technical meetings and analysis by experts and various organizations. […] Irrespective of whether formal or informal, pensions and problem solving should be provided to all citizens. 4 I know some are worried about the pension part of the UITs, but the commission has thought about providing a minimum pension for all Peruvians.Commentary and described the pillars of the proposal.

At the start of the debate, Congressman Jorge Montoya asked questions that the initiative lacked proper analysis by experts. “It is surprising that such an important project is being discussed without first being widely circulated so that contributions can be drawn not only from our pension group, but from the community in general.”As noted, the MP who leads the Legislative Task Force on Pension Reform said.

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On the floor of the debate, three questions put forward by members of Parliament were put to a vote. The first – offered by Montoya – called for adjournment of the debate and invitation to technical institutions to review the text; The second preliminary question – proposed by Congressman Carlos Anderson – was to invite representatives of the MEF, SBS and AFP to participate in the debate. Both requests were rejected.

A third earlier question, raised by Congressman German Daguri, proposed cutting off the effort to withdraw 4 UITs from the pension reform budget. This previous question received 14 votes in favor.

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