AFP withdrawal 2024: When and who will access withdrawal of 4 UITs? | Answers

With 17 votes in favor and 3 against, the Economic Commission approved the seventh vote AFP withdrawal After delaying its meeting until March 25 this Monday, the pension fund up to 4 UIT, after this approval in Congress, it will go to the plenary meeting and then to the administration. In the following note, you will be able to find out who the members of the pension system are, who will be able to access the refund and other important details of what has just been agreed.

Who can access their AFP withdrawal?

To know which affiliates can receive their money on specific dates, use an official document approved by the Economic Commission. In it you can read that the law in question authorizes all members of the private pension fund management organization to withdraw funds accumulated in their personal capital accounts.without exception”.

That means all affiliates will get their money back. However, they have to follow a process to do that. It should be noted that the supervisor of banking, insurance and private pension fund managers must decide this process within 15 calendar days. Likewise, the legislation must be re-discussed and put to a vote in the Republican Congress.

How to approach AFP withdrawal?

According to the same official document, affiliates must submit their requests in person or practically within 90 days of the publication of the rule. If approved, the first two payments will be for 1 UIT. The first, 30 calendar days after the application is approved and the second after the first 30 days. Finally, the third payment will be 2 UIT and the second payment will happen after 30 days. It is important to note that you can withdraw by making a request to the Private Pension Fund Administrator 10 days prior to the withdrawal.

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As mentioned, The supervisor of banking, insurance and private pension fund managers has not yet put forward an official procedure With more details.

An official text approved by the Economic Commission and debated in Congress.

How do I know how much I have saved in my retirement fund?

Each must be taken into account AFP At the national level it has a total record of all contributions, which can be viewed on the website or app of organizations such as AFP Integra, Prima, Habitat and Profuturo.

How to calculate payment with value of UIT in 2024?

If you think about calculating the amount to pay with the new value of UIT, it will be S/5.150, you only need to multiply this number by the amount of UIT you need to cancel. In this way, if you have to pay the value of 2 UIT, you have to multiply 2 by S/5,150, and as a result you will get S/10,300. Likewise, we provide a government-issued ITU calculator for citizens so that you can find it out .

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