AFP Withdrawal: Today there will be a thorough discussion on AFP withdrawal

At the end of March, the Congressional Economic Commission, approved a proposal authorizing withdrawal of up to 4 UITs from AFPs. The priority of the debate was announced today.

Congressional Spokesperson's Committee of the Republic Agreed to prioritize discussion of PL 3585, 4201 and other comments, which propose authorizing legislation. Discretionary withdrawal of funds 4 Subsidiaries in private pension system up to UITThis Thursday, April 11th for the plenary session.

As we remember, on March 26, The Congressional Economic CommissionThere were 17 votes in favor and 3 votes against. Comment accepted This will allow all members of the private pension system to withdraw S/ 20,600, equivalent to the value of 4 UIT.

During the last session of the Economic and Financial Commission, by previous question, The separation was approved The Seventh Proposition of the Debate 4 Withdrawal of ITUs Pension System Reform Forecast.

What happens if it gets full approval?

to give Approved by the entire forum Y Without comments from the administrator, the judgment becomes law. An AFP member has up to 90 days from the publication of the legal regulations to submit their request.

From that date, the AFP will have up to 30 days to make the first disbursement of 1 UIT (S/ 5,150). The second payment will be within 30 calendar days of the first payment and will be for 1 UIT.

The remaining two UITs will be deposited within 30 days of the second payment. In case of membership withdrawal, the provider must be requested up to 10 days prior to payment.

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