Age Difference With Adolfo Aguilar And Her Current Boyfriend Jose Antonio Ortiz: What Is He Doing?

Adolfo Aguilar and his new partner Jose Antonio Artiz Fernandez. | Instagram

Adolfo Aguilar Recently surprised By making the relationship with him public Jose Antonio Ortiz Fernandez, with whom he appeared on the red carpet of 'Welcome to Paradise'. The revelation not only attracted media attention but also sparked curiosity about the couple's dynamics and their personal and professional background. AguilarOrtiz Fernández, who will turn 52 on October 1, and 28, showed that the roughly 24-year age difference was no obstacle to their romance.

Aguilar He is known for his work as a television show host and has gained great popularity among his audience. Artis FernandezFor his part, he graduated from school in 2012 and seems to have a promising career in the audiovisual production industry, from his activities on social networks he shares many projects that include his work-related trips.

Adolfo Aguilar is back on television arm in arm with his new partner. | Vilax

In recent statements to “Amor y Fuego,” Aguilar openly expressed his attraction to guys younger than him, making his desire forcefully clear: “I love collagen, clear. Don't you like it? I don't mean Sibolos, but minors. I'm 50, I like 40s, 30s. This comment not only reflects her sense of humor but also highlights her comfort with the age difference in her current relationship.

However, it is not known how the love between them was Adolfo Aguilar Y Jose Antonio Ortiz Fernandez. They have decided to keep the details of how they met and how their relationship blossomed private.

Jose Antonio Ortiz Fernandez, Adolfo Aguilar's new boyfriend. | instagram

In professional terms, Artis Fernandez has chosen to specialize in audiovisual production, suggesting a shared interest with Aguilar in the art of telling stories through the lens of a camera. This common interest and their taste for discovering new places seems to be one of the pillars of their relationship, enhancing their personal and professional bond.

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In the broadcast of the program 'Which one is real?'Aired on September 3, Karen BlackThe former Miss Peru confronted Aguilar live, accusing him of lying to her several years ago, in the context of their work and personal relationship, when the two shared driving duties. Latin.

Jose Antonio Ortiz Fernandez, Adolfo Aguilar's new boyfriend.

Karen Schwarz is also known for her relationship with the singer Ezio Oliva, Aguilar admitted to the cameras in 2011 that he was in love with her, and she reciprocated those feelings. The model and presenter openly expressed: “Today I win because I have already been lied to at one point in my life”The author of those lies points directly to Aguilar.

When questioned about who apparently cheated on her, Schwarz didn't hesitate to answer: “You… please stop the music, in 2011, I met you, he I fell in love, I fell flat Now you know who Adolfo is.

The incident is linked to an important statement in early 2022 when Aguilar decided to go public with his homosexual orientation. The presenter highlighted in an interview 'those' The decision came after decades of hiding his true identity, he said: “I saw that I was gay, not with others, but only with myself. And it has made me suffer a lot. I do this because I had to stop being myself for a long time and I don't want many people to go through the same thing.

Karen Schwarz admits she's in love with Adolfo Aguilar (Catch: Which is real?)

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