Age is free to renew your driving license

In Spain No limit age However, to continue driving, From the age of 65, the frequency with which driver’s licenses are renewed increases. A possible decline in the driver’s abilities favors a Large number of reviews Medical and fitness tests ensure that driving is safe for everyone.

He Clinical examination and evaluation criteria to cross Same at any age. In that case A disease was diagnosed or the individual’s disability, even if it does not directly prevent renewal, is vulnerable The validity period of the permit is limited. Likewise, the renewal fee will also be reduced.

Who can renew driving license for free?

He Process cost Is he Same for any driver, no age. The tax rate is 4.3 and there is a scale 24,58€.

Exception, if you have Over 70 yearsThere are exemption To pay the transportation fee for renewal, you need to pay only the amount of the medical examination.

Procedures for renewal of driving license for persons above 65 years of age

Regardless of age, the process is similar to any renewal:

  1. Go to one of them Authorized Driver Authorization Center and indicate that you wish to renew your driver’s license.
  2. You can do it in one place Complete alignmentAlthough Photography At the time. They will charge you aAmount and transportation charges for medical examination. Remember that if you are above 70 years of age you are exempted from paying the fee.
  3. While going through the duplication process, they will give you one Temporary permission You can roll around until they send you the final one.
  4. About You will be allowed in your home for one and a half months Without you having to go through any other procedure or pay a fee.
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