Aída Martínez ‘explodes’ after being criticized for raffling her motorbike: “I’ve never been a fancy girl” | Aida Martinez | instagram | programs

Aida Martinez He responded to the criticism he faced after announcing that the prize was his motorcycle. As the model has partially lost her sight, she promised that all the money raised will go towards her health fund.

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As reported by ATV Noticias, Ayda pointed out that she does not have million dollar bank accounts and her lifestyle is not extravagant.

“We have invested our money in property and I don’t have million dollar bank accounts. (…) I’ve never been a fancy girl, I’m not seen wearing Gucci glasses, Chanel wallets, Prada bags or square Mercedes Benz.said.

Ayda Martínez revealed that the actual value of her motorcycle is 15 thousand soles and that the raffle is a way to sell one of her properties to cover the medical expenses needed for her treatment.

“It’s a bit pathetic to tell them what we do or don’t do with money. We are not asking them to give us money. We exchange things. I sell a Subaru, they pay me; Anyway I’m buying a motorcycle cheaply”He finally revealed.

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