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Akira Toriyama He died on March 1 at the age of 68 of a subdural hematoma. News of his death was shared six days later.

Through a statement on social networks “Dragon Ball Z”, a Japanese-made anime, revealed to be a mangaka in the Death Report He made up more new stories.

“[…] He has left many manga titles and works of art to this world. Thanks to the support of many people around the world, he was able to continue his creative activities for more than 45 years.A press release said.

Likewise, it emerged The funeral of the artist took place in a strictly private manner with his family and close circle. According to the creator's wishes.

“We believe that the unique world created by Akira Toriyama will be loved by everyone for a long time. We convey this sad news to you in gratitude for your kindness in your lifetime.As indicated in the report.

Akira Toriyama is a Japanese designer and mangaka Born on April 5, 1955. He also starred in “Dragon Ball Z” and “Dr. Collapse.”

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Akira Toriyama's family does not accept offerings, gifts or visits

After Toriyama's death, his family asked the artist's large fans Do not send flowers, gifts, memorials, or posthumous offerings to Toriyama.

“[…] We respectfully inform you that we do not accept flowers, condolence gifts, visits, gifts, etc.He pointed out.

Then he added “[…] We request you to refrain from conducting interviews with your family members.”.

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Finally, he indicated that he had not yet decided on holding a memorial service to honor his memory Akira Toriyama.

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