Alberto Otárola counted his hours: Dina Boluarte asked for his resignation via audio

Premier is involved in promoting jobs based on its links. | PCM

Alberto Otárola left the country as prime minister and would only return to hand over his post. According to sources infobay peru, President faces media pressure In Boluarte He announced to the Council of Ministers that he would change the head of the cabinet. Without a right of reply, he confirms his departure.

So far, the permanence of someone who seemed untouchable was shaken by the airing of an audio in which he asks Yasire Pinedo (25) if he wants to have a romantic relationship. Resume a job in her favor.

Although his resignation is yet to be formalized, sources have assured this media that the Head of State is still determined to part ways with the Prime Minister and that he will be on the list of successors. First, Julio Javier DeMartini Montes, is the current Chairman of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDS). Faced with change, the The portfolio will go to Deputy Minister Jessica Nino de Guzmán.

The minister will be the new Prime Minister of Tina Polwart's government. | Midis

In response, the head of the PCM took to his social networks to confirm the progress of the return to the country considering the “severity of the political situation”. Although he reiterated that he had not committed any illegal activity, he continued to describe the records and positions as false positives.

“In due course I will mention where this shame comes from and what dark interests it pursues. “My commitment to Peru is not related to the position I currently hold, but to the mandate of my conscience and the defense of democracy,” he wrote.

Statement from the principal after learning of his eventual departure. | Alberto Otterola

The revealing recording details a conversation with the 25-year-old, who denied knowledge to the press. Wanted with two service orders for S/ 53k: The first for S/ 18 thousand, another for S/ 35 thousand for delivery, preparation and archival work.

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Alberto Otterola: When do you allow yourself to be seen? when will i see you

Yasire Pinedo: I don't know, I don't feel good.

Alberto Otterola: So, dear, please speak up. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Tomorrow, or you can't?

Yasire Pinedo: Well, tomorrow, well, I'll see you tomorrow.

Alberto Otterola: Listen to me, but send me your CV now.

Yasire Pinedo: Right now. […]

Alberto Otterola: Now, now is my life. do you like me

Yasire Pinedo: It won't change. I have already said

Alberto Otterola: I just want to know whether you like me or not

Yasire Pinedo: Well, yes, I love you. […]

Alberto Otterola: Yes, a little kiss.

Yasire Pinedo: Yes, Listo.

Alberto Otterola: Now, my dear, you too. Bye, bye, bye.

Till now, though the untouchable officer's fate has been confirmed, Mr The Congress of the Republic has already introduced two motions Against the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers. The first question was announced earlier by the spokesperson of Democratic Transition for Peru—Together, Look at Ruth.

“Mr. Otorola's audio carries ethical, criminal and political connotations. In light of this, my party's agreement with A transliteration movement, Well, I believe this act adds a set of political responsibilities. Today, politically, Mr. Otorola's perpetuity ends up being unsustainable,” he noted. RPP

As a result, MP Sigrid Basan released a document prepared for the Prime Minister to respond to various ethical violations and illegal activities such as influence peddling, non-compliant negotiation, collusion and harassment.

Motion for Mediation for Democratic Change Details on Commission Crimes of Sexual Harassment Infobae composition.

An agenda motion by Diego Bazan (Avanza País) was included in the motion document. Unlike the first document, the second document involves the hiring of two of his closest friends. Rosa Rivera's case was added to Pinedo's case.

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As recalled, two service orders for a total of S/ 54 thousand were created in favor of Rivera Permeo, which was created by the National Development and Drug-Free Life Commission (DEVIDA), attached to the leadership of the Council of Ministers. (PCM).

“Since this is a matter of public interest and requires urgent attention, we cannot wait for the detailed parliamentary procedural implementation of political control such as interpolation, it is necessary to choose the invitation to report before the full session of the Congress of the Republic,” the President of the Ethics Commission pointed out.

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