Alianza Lima have chosen the forward they want to sign after Paulo Guerrero Jerial de Santis pulled out of the Liga 1 2024 Apertura competition.

Seeing as Paolo Guerrero is no longer an option, the club is already working on recruiting a new forward to join the squad for this 2024 season.

Alianza Lima pick striker they want to sign after Paulo Guerrero contract collapse | Libero composition

Before it was confirmed that Paulo Guerrero was going to fulfill his contract with Cesar Vallejo, Alianza Lima was already considering other options to add a new striker to strengthen the squad. Alejandro Restrepo For this 2024 season.

Thus, by journalist Mauricio Lloret de MolaVictoria are understood to have reactivated their option to include the striker in their squad. Jeriel de Santis.

In any case, the blue and white club knows it is a complicated option, as his arrival will create an economic undertaking. For this reason, they try to agree with the player to join the company.

“I have information from Alianza Lima that they have not ruled out anything. They have looked at an option in MLS, and it has become complicated because it is very difficult to find the time and attention for Gerial de Santis to work again, they are looking for a way. To try to reach an agreement with him “It is an economic point of view Big effort, but they see this option easier than they did in America.”as indicated in the plan 'Witchey'.

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How is Jeriel de Santis doing in Bovista?

In this 2023/24 season, Forward Jeriel de Santis has played 14 matches with Bovista (12 from the Portuguese League, 1 from the Allianz Cup and 1 from the Portuguese Dhaka Cup). He records only 2 visits to that institution.

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Will Luis Urrutti come to Alianza Lima?

Likewise, the journalist Mauricio Lloret de Mola He also pointed out Lima Alliance A having option Lewis rolled. “The matter of Uruthi is still on the radar and I repeat, they cannot rule out any option because they are getting smaller”.

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