Alianza Lima is surprised and announces that she left the necklace wearing a ‘9’: “Thank you, family”

This promising 18-year-old does not hesitate to thank Alianza Lima for this opportunity. All the details about his exit are in the following paragraphs.

Alianza Lima surprised fans after announcing she was leaving one of her ‘jewels’. | Photo: Alianza Lima / Libero Mix

It’s no secret that Alianza Lima has some of the most talented athletes in the country in all fields. Today, the club has many top footballers, but it is not behind in volleyball either.

However, as the competition for a place in the squad is always fierce, not everyone gets the chance to stay at the club. In this sense, Alianza Lima recently decided to announce the departure of one of its ‘jewels’.

About Valentina Posado, the 18-year-old volleyball player previously wore the number ‘9’ in the Victorian cast. The young player has not participated in the last Alianza matches and last appeared on the list on April 9. USMP.

Photo: Alianza Lima

Bozzato did not wait for an answer on social networks. In fact, the former blue and white jeweler didn’t hesitate to say thank you for the opportunity.

“Thank you, family. Always in me. Alliance throughout my life,” the young woman pointed out in a ‘story’ on her official Instagram account.

It is important to take into account that Alianza Lima had a top-flight season, as it was far superior to many of its rivals. However, it was not enough to defeat Club Regadas, who were back-to-back champions in the National Volleyball League.

Photo: Instagram

Alianza Lima also announced the departure of Xiomara Almeida

Through a release on social networks, Alianza confirmed that Lima is a volleyball player Shiomara Almeida He too will not remain in the team. The young woman, formerly of Peru’s team, had only arrived in early April.

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