All George Benowitz had to say about Dayanita in ‘JP N ATV’: “She’s ungrateful”

All George Benowitz had to say about Dayanita in ‘JP N ATV’: “She’s ungrateful”
George Benavides tells all about Dayanita in ‘JP N ATV’. ATV.

George Benavides He refrained from commenting on the controversial reports Dayanitawho said he had not signed the contract with ‘JP and ATV‘, despite working with them for almost five years. However, in the next edition of the comedy show, the comedian will tell his version of events.

from Dayanita Suspended from the show for indecent behavior, much was said about the comedian’s attitude. He resigned without giving any explanation and appeared.Blowpipe of the Cholas‘, direct competition’JP and ATV‘, where he spoke about his time on the show that launched his artistic career.

Dayanita said that she has no contract with JP N ATV. Additionally, he was excited about the possibility of being part of ‘El Reventonazo de la Sola’. (USA TV)

His comments were not liked by his former colleagues. Other comedians such as Danny Rosales, Martín Farfán, Alfredo Benavides, Edith Santos, etc., regretted the behavior of one of the most beloved members of ATV’. “Knowing her, she is ill-advised,” they pointed to the Magali Medina project.

Although George Benavides He avoided speaking out about it, changed his mind, and now tells it all as a parody.The value of truth‘. “Has the smoke risen?”, they asked him in the ‘red chair’.

“Suddenly hearing from others that she is done is not right. But in my case it’s different because the guys who work on the show are like my kids. Who speaks better than us? I am her artistic father who saw her coming. I am a very observant person. I realized how he was developing, which made me very happy, he learned from the advice I gave him,” he said at the beginning, recalling the beginning. Dayanita.

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‘s chairmanJP and ATVThe comic surprised the audience by saying that she no longer recognizes the actress because she believes that money and instant fame have changed her.

“I also realized that he was changing. Time went on, transfers started coming, more work, more money and purchasing power. That, being human in general, changes some people. I say this because it happened to me as a child. You don’t have someone by your side to advise you to keep your feet on the ground. If so, what happened to her. He is dizzy and has changed a lot, he has completely left since he arrived,” he said.

George Benowitz talks about Dayanita’s controversial exit. (ATV)

Additionally, at another point in the painting, he stated that Dayanita He is an ungrateful person.

“I was the one who took her out of her place. Thanks to the show and me, she went from being an unknown person to becoming a famous person, loved and admired by thousands and thousands of people,” he said.

Before Dayanita He left the comedy show George Benavides, Alfredo Benavides The actress was reportedly suspended for disciplinary action. “Here you have to respect work and also respect colleagues, because here we all come early, they call us at seven, we come half an hour earlier,” said the famous.Baby AlfredoFor the daily trom.

Dayanita was let go from ‘JP N ATV’ before resigning permanently. (Instagram)

After the influencer made his resignation public, he always thanked him George Benavides For the opportunity, he interviewed.Sixth day‘, where he recounted his sudden exit from the ATV.

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he said DayanitaAnger is also a reason why he decided to step aside George BenavidesWho wouldn’t love to have him be a part of a project on YouTube called ‘Comedy House‘.

“They were there for a number of reasons. Yes, when I got in, the problems escalated.Comedy House‘, yes there was some slight discomfort when I entered here. I tried to talk, but the same… I had calls for attention, but we have to work. I feel that a YouTube channel is not a competition for a TV show. Yes, my presence here bothered him,” he revealed.


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