Ana Estrada will agree to euthanasia in a symbolic achievement: EsSalud complies with observations on the dignified death protocol

File photo of Ana Estrada at her home in Lima on February 7, 2020. REUTERS/Sebastian Castaneda

Activist Ana EstradaHe has been struggling for a year A dignified death in front Degenerative and incurable disease Affected, this Thursday was announced with a positive result Social Security (EsSalud) To address two observations he made to himself Isolated euthanasia protocol.

By memorandum issued by the management Legal Advice Center of Repagliati Hospital, Assault The commission in charge of the document complied with the requirements set out last October Seventh Constitutional CourtResponsibility for executing the judgment, on Draft protocol They received it last month.

The First observation Corresponds to the requirements for access to the process: in particular, the psychological report and Declared result. About him Psychological report, Assault It was decided that there was no need to carry out another assessment and it was sufficient to use the report already included at that time. Judicial file of the case.

With respect Declared resultIf he is unable to do so at the time of requesting the document, the aspirant may first authorize a person whom he trusts to sign the document. Euthanasia.

Ana Estrada, a Peruvian requesting euthanasia in Peru. (EFE)

The A second observation The practice of euthanasia should be allowed to choose a trusted physician, as in other countries where it is legal (Netherlands oh Spain) Josephina Miro QuezadaThe psychologist pointed out that this last element of defense is “Very important” a transcendental healing act.

“Trust between a responsible doctor and patient gives security and peace of mind that his wishes will be respected at all times. Additionally, it allows you to overcome obstacles. Conscientious ObjectionIt will be a non-objectionable doctor who fully supports and understands Ana's decision. The doctor's identification information will be provided Assault In a reserved manner,” the dispatch said Infobae Peru.

Defense has welcomed the decision as “the points monitored are of vital importance to ensure full compliance”. “To the idea of ​​dignity by the unbearable suffering one experiences.”

With this last decision, the document is fully valid and the psychologist is now present Full freedom to decide The moment you want to access your rights A dignified death. “This decision is strictly personal. The judgment states that Euthanasia “This must be carried out within a maximum of ten business days from the time he expressed his desire to access the process,” Miro Quezada said. Percy Castillo.

Ana Estrada's case came up for judicial jurisdiction in January 2020.

“But without suffering, she lives with her loved ones, in the way she wanted, in the privacy of her home, and still lives in free hands. This is a very important recognition for her and for everyone who experiences similar situations,” the lawyer said in a subsequent conversation.

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The Euthanasia Unlike in Colombia, Spain or Switzerland, this is not allowed in Peru, and anyone who demands the death of another person is punished with up to three years in prison. However, in the Estrada case, the Supreme Court established an exception in 2021, so that Article 112 of the Penal Code, assisted death. After this historic decision, neither the Peruvian government nor Escaludo appealed the sentence.

With his case, Peru became the second country in Latin America to recognize the right to a court Die with dignityLike Colombia in 1997. Estrada opened a blog in 2019 to express herself, but with no intention of achieving anything or becoming an icon.

“My journey through activism has been more positive than negative,” he said. difficult

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