Ana Lucía Rodríguez, formerly of GOLPERU, has been announced as a new team member in the well-known sports program

Ana Lucia Rodríguez has been confirmed in a new sports program after leaving Coleperu – Credit: Instagram

By the end of 2023, Golperu Several of its journalists were told they would not continue on their staff this new year and were among the worst affected Ana Lucia Rodriguez. The reporter ended his time on the screens of the exclusive Movistar TV channel weeks ago, but after being confirmed as a member of the well-known sports media, he has already started a new cycle in his career.

His popularity was known through his social networking sites 'heat' will be part of 'under pressure'There is a YouTube digital channel Peter Arevalo'Mr Pete'– as a prominent figure and has gained great relevance in the local environment in recent years.

This Tuesday, January 16, Ana Lucia shared a picture on her official Instagram account 'Stories', which featured a radio booth and the microphone of the aforementioned sports media. A few hours later, producer Carlos Alvarez confirmed the news with a message to the same network.

“We complete the team. Welcome Ana Lucia Rodriguez! Do Football course From A Presión,” Alvarez described in a photo in which he is seen next to journalist Peter Arevalo.

Ana Lucia Rodriguez posted on her official Instagram. Credit: Catch

'heat' He worked at GOLPERU for eight consecutive years, in which he stood alone for the coverage of the local football tournament and reported the games from the field. Now, he will continue on the same path as National Football, but in the Studio Football booth, one of the projects included in the content stage of the popular digital media.

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It is worth noting that Rodriguez was not the only journalist who had to say goodbye to the television signal. Movistar Games. So did Nair Aliaga, Carolina Salvador, Milena Merino, Carla Sogano, Julian Fernandez, Bruno Ginocchio, Didin Drago, Javier Sanz and Sergio Moreno.

GOLPERU is going to broadcast only the home matches of the three teams Liga 1 2024 (Universitario de Deportes, Sport Boys and Carlos Mannucci), so in the unfavorable context this implies, the channel has no choice but to terminate the contracts of many of its protagonists on television screens.

Ana Lucía Rodríguez begins a new phase as host of Estadio Fútbol de A Presión. Credit: Catch

Almost four years ago, in February 2020, 'Mr Pete' He promoted his new radio program Under pressure To analyze everything related to Peruvian and international football, but far from tradition, the journalist wanted to digitize his media and in a short time experienced strong growth at the national level.

Various figures from football and local sports journalism have joined the project, such as Valdir Sanz, Carlos Galvan, Julinho, Mauricio Lloret. Now that Ana Lucía Rodríguez has joined, she will undoubtedly be an important reinforcement for the progress of the project.

In fact, during these few years, A Presión has already accumulated a total of 376 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel., many of his videos have more than 100 thousand views. In addition, it has thousands of followers on its social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where it regularly disseminates its news and information from local media.

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This remarkable rise of the project in a short span of time has been recognized by locals and foreigners alike. In fact, created media 'Mr Pete' Already decorated at the Lucus Awards, it is now looking for more awards Lumini Awards 2024 -In the event that awards the best content creators in the country-, A Presión is nominated in two categories: “Best Live Show” and “Best Sports Content of the Year.”

For its next season, which starts at the same time as Liga 1 2024, the well-known digital platform Space has already announced the continuation of all the team members of 'A Presión Radio': Julinho, Carlos Galvan, Gonzalo Núñez, Marko Ciurlizza , Bruno Cavasa and Marcelo Merizalte.

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