Andres Andrade has a very low day after the game against Libertad

24 hours after the decisive match between Alianza Lima vs. Freedom for the Copa Libertadores, closer lost Andres Andrade to injury.

Andres Andrade is short for Alianza Lima against Libertad. | Photo: Luis Jimenez

Bad news for Alianza Lima, who cannot rely on injured Colombian midfielder Andres Andrade ahead of their crucial clash against Libertad on the fourth Libertadores Cup. Will Guillermo Salas use Christian Cueva in that position?

The Colombian midfielder was concussed during Saturday’s workout at the EGP sports complex located in Lourín, and his condition is unfit to compete. Today he was not training normally with the rest of the team as he had a therapy session and was walking with a bit of difficulty.

football player He will be nursing a knee injury and it is understood that he is not fit to play this Tuesday’s international match at Matute.. ‘Chicho’ Salas is a ‘rifle’ in the scheme of things as he strengthens the team by putting forwards on target with a millimeter of service.

His absence has led the blue and white technical director to search for the best footballer who can play the role of creating the midfield, and the responsibility will fall on Christian Cueva.

Cueva will replace Andrés Andrade.

Information will be confirmed in a few hours. Win or lose this Tuesday to continue in the Copa Libertadores.

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