Andrés Hurtado creates rejection with a comment about La Uchulú: “I don’t know whether to give him a tip or accept it” | Magali’s house

At La Casa de Magaly, Andrés Hurtado had a questionable attitude Uzuluand up Carlos Cacho She said he treated her “like a chacha”.

Etza Wong, known as La Uchulú, lived through an embarrassing moment with Andrés Hurtado.

Nothing to praise. La Uchulú is one of the members of La Casa de Magaly like the others, but unfortunately he is involved in reprehensible situations of discrimination. This was demonstrated by Andrés Hurtado in the last edition, which received rejection from the audience.

In the section Magali TV Company Aired last night, August 21, 2023, a reprehensible interaction was seen between the driver and the comedian. We tell you all about it in the following paragraphs of this note popular.

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Andrés Hurtado and his questionable attitude towards La Uchulú

Andres Hurtado The latest version of the full-length drawing Magali’s houseBecause he not only made his ‘golden bed’ but also had strong words and a questionable attitude. UzuluHe earned his place in show business after his successful stint in El Reventonazo de la Zola.

remembered’Sibolin‘ Unable to bear his anger, he started to treat affect her She was like his housekeeper, waiting to attend to him asking for various things, one of which was a glass of water in her kitchen and his on the patio.

Uzulu He did not trouble and gave Andres Hurtado What you asked for, but it doesn’t stop there. Already in the confession before the producers Magali’s house, Father of Josetti and Genesis Hurtado He caused controversy with his words. “He’s a sweet character. I don’t know whether to tip him or adopt him,” he said controversially.

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Carlos Cacho takes on Andres Hurtado for La Uchulu

Although Andres Hurtado He wanted to look good when he said he had a crush on her UzuluWhom he wanted to adopt, this was not taken well by his colleagues Magali’s house. in this situation, Carlos Cacho He was the one who put the spoon in.

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The stylist kicked out the host, protecting Tiktoker, who only minutes earlier had caught his attention in order to eat in the living room. He exposed his friend and said that he “treated the young woman like a chacha”, a situation that viewers criticized on social networks.

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Uchulu worried fans by appearing with a suitcase

Attractive I’m going to die It created a lot of controversy after sharing a picture with a suitcase inside Magali’s house. Users responded immediately.

“What happened? What’s the suitcase for? You left? Don’t leave you”, “If they wipe you, answer”, “Don’t leave”, “Don’t leave you, little girl, we’re going strong”, some. Peruvian model Nathalie Terrones also supported her: “I adore you my beautiful girl. The whole jungle supports you my queen.”

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